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14th March 2012


In May 2010 the world of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal had lost one of its most gifted and fervent ambassadors, with the passing of Ronnie James Dio. In his position as lead vocalist for Rock giants such as Rainbow and Black Sabbath, as well as fronting his own eponymous band for nearly three decades, Dio created some of the genres most defining and respected works.

Albums such as 'Holy Diver', 'Sacred Heart' and 'Last In Line' all stand as towering monuments of sheer class and brilliance in the Rock pantheon. Dio was also to pave the way in regards to performing live, as few equaled him. With his incredible vocal range, Dio was to preside over countless memorable rock shows, enthralling his millions of fans worldwide. As well as the original CD being re-mastered, these reissues each feature a bonus CD containing an expanded booklet with notes from Malcolm Dome and has been endorsed by Ronnie's widow Wendy Dio.

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'Holy Diver' was the debut album from Dio, released 25th May 1983. It was hailed by critics as some of his best work and in January 1986 it was awarded silver certification. The upbeat sounding 'Rainbow In The Dark' was to catch MTV's attention, with the title track also standing out.

'The Last In Line' was the second Dio studio album. It was released on 13th July 1984 and was the first album from Dio to reach platinum status as well as number four in the UK charts. This new album showcased the anthemic tracks 'We Rock' and 'I Speed At Night' as well as the seven-minute epic, 'Egypt (The Chains are On)'.

Released in October 1985 'Sacred Heart' was released as the third studio album from Dio. The album reached number four in the UK charts and was to go on to be certified Gold. This was to become a much loved Dio album, and contained the tracks 'Rock N' Roll Children' and 'Hungry For Heaven'. The stage show that was to accompany this album was hailed as a spectacle, involving a mechanized dragon as well as lasers. Ronnie and his band were to refer to the dragon as Denzil. This was the last studio album to be released by Dio that included guitarist Vivian Campbell.

'Holy Diver'

Disc One
1. Stand Up And Shout
2. Holy Diver
3. Gypsy
4. Caught In The Middle
5. Don't Talk To Strangers
6. Straight Through The Heart
7. Invisible
8. Rainbow In The Dark
9. Shame On The Night

Disc Two
1. Evil Eyes - B-Side
2. Stand Up And Shout - Live - B-Side
3. Straight Through The Heart - Live - B-Side
4. Stand Up And Shout
5. Shame On The Night
6. Children Of The Sea
7. Holy Diver
8. Rainbow In The Dark
9. Man On The Silver Mountain
Tracks 4 to 9 all Live King Biscuit Flower Hour 30th October 1983

'Last In Line'

Disc One
1. We Rock
2. The Last In Line
3. Breathless
4. I Speed At Night
5. One Night In The City
6. Evil Eyes
7. Mystery
8. Eat Your Heart Out
9. Egypt (The Chains Are On)

Disc Two
1. Stand Up And Shout - Live - B-Side Last In Line
2. Straight Through The Heart - Live - B-Side Last In Line
3. Eat Your Heart Out - Live - Mystery
4. Don't Talk To Strangers - Live - Mystery
5. Holy Diver - Live - B-Side We Rock
6. Rainbow In The Dark - Live - B-Side We Rock
7. One Night In The City - Pinkpop Festival, Geleen
8. We Rock - Pinkpop Festival, Geleen
9. Holy Diver - Pinkpop Festival, Geleen
10. Stargazer - Pinkpop Festival, Geleen
11. Heaven And Hell - Pinkpop Festival, Geleen
12. Rainbow In The Dark - Pinkpop Festival, Geleen
13. Man On The Silver Mountain - Pinkpop Festival, Geleen
14. Don't Talk To Strangers - Pinkpop Festival, Geleen

'Sacred Heart'

Disc One
1. King Of Rock N Roll
2. Sacred Heart
3. Another Lie
4. Rock N Roll Children
5. Hungry For Heaven
6. Like the Beat Of A Heart
7. Just Another Day
8. Fallen Angels
9. Shoot Shoot

Disc Two
Hide In The Rainbow - Dio EP
We Rock - Live - B-Side Rock N Roll Children
Last In Line - Live - B-Side Rock N Roll Children
Like the Beat Of A Heart - Live - B-Side Hungry For Heaven
King Of Rock N Roll – Intermission
Rainbow In The Dark – Intermission
Sacred Heart - Intermission
Time To Burn – Intermission
Rock N Roll Children - Intermission
Long Live Rock N Roll – Intermission
Man On The Silver Mountain – Intermission
We Rock - Intermission

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Here's a fabulous Aerosmith pictorial document as seen through the lens of famed British photographer Tony Mottram. Tony photographed the band over many years for various magazines and now has a monthly column here on MetalTalk.

As was often the case, only one photo ever got published and in the fast moving world of weekly magazines sometimes entire sessions would be done and left undeveloped.

Tony started shooting Aerosmith from towards the end of the period with Jimmy Crespo and Rick Dufay and onwards through the return of original members Joe Perry and Brad Whitford that resulted in the albums 'Done With Mirrors', 'Permanent Vacation' and 'Pump'.


As well as shooting the band several times in England, this collection includes images from a session at the band's rehearsal room in Boston. Littered throughout is a mixture of live and off stage photos including a selection of photos taken at London's famous Marquee club when they were joined on stage by Jimmy Page.

This limited edition hardback book, presented in a flight case and printed on silk paper, is an opportunity to own a unique selection of photos, most of which have never seen the light of day before.

This unique item is presented in an aluminium flight case and will be published in late November. Earlybird subscribers who order by 31st October will have their name printed within a dedicated page in the book.

To be sure not to miss out on this unique, future collector's item, hit the PayPal button here:

Publication date: 31st November 2017
ISBN: 978-1-908724-81-6
Format: Casebound.
Pages: 128 pages, printed on 170 gsm, silk paper.
Size: A4 landscape.


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