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21st March 2012

god forbid

God Forbod have premiered the brand new music video for 'Where We Come From'. The video arrives just in time for their highly anticipated album release, 'Equilibirum', out March 26th via Victory Records.

Guitarist/vocalist Doc Coyle says of the concept: "The idea really came from me thinking about the recurring lyrical themes of the album, and wanting to find a way to tap into that truth." He goes on to say: "Pretending that we are rich rock stars who drink champagne and fly on private jets would not be effective.

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"This isn't a revelation, but I wanted to show the whole picture, and that it's nothing to be ashamed of. We work, we jam, we hang out, we have fun together, and the payoff is we get to play amazing shows in front of amazing fans and engage with them on a very personal level."

Corey Pierce, drummer, goes on to say: "The fact that we are normal guys who do what we need to do in order to go out, play shows and make music, is literally 'Where We Come From'."

The video was directed by Eric Richter in three different states within 48 hours documenting the everyday life of God Forbid.


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