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18th April 2012

high on fire

Century Media have licensed the brand new High On Fire album from US label E1 – the European release date for 'De Vermis Mysteriis' is 23rd April.

Since the Oakland power trio's inception in 1998 they've released six earth-splitting albums, each seemingly more unstoppable than the last.

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Forever haunting the halls of the Iommic Temple — the band's own philosophical monument to Black Sabbath riff master Tony Iommi — High On Fire have become legends in their own time.

As bong-huffing genre music rises and falls around them like so much windborne detritus, guitarist/vocalist Matt Pike, drummer Des Kensel and bassist Jeff Matz comprise the all-seeing eye of a perpetual riff-storm, always looking toward a future in which The End is always near.

'De Vermis Mysteriis', the follow up to High On Fire's epic 'Snakes For the Divine' was produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou at God City Studios in Salem, MA, and marks the next devastating chapter in High On Fire's gloriously unhinged Metal saga.

"It's a fuckin' awesome album," Matt Pike enthuses. "I think it's kind of a cross between the experimentation of 'Death Is This Communion' and the driving darkness of 'Blessed Black Wings'. There's plenty of thrashy stuff, but there's also a lot of Sabbathy doom-type stuff."


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