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20th April 2012

fuelled by fire

Californian Thrashers Fueled By Fire are going to release their killer record 'Plunging Into Darkness' officially in Europe next week and the same weekend they'll also play Keep It True Festival in Germany. The band is also confirmed to play Metalfest Open Air 2012.

The album will contain an exclusive bonus track for Europe called 'Deadly Restraints' and in cooperation with Finland's Inferno magazine the song is now exclusively available for pre-listening. Click here and check it out. 'Plunging Into Darkness' will be available as Gatefold vinyl, CD and download! Watch the official album trailer below.

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Furthermore the band have released a 'track by track' describing each song:

The Arrival:
Self explanatory, the intro from hell. We are here to make our presence known!

Rising from Beneath:
A chilling description of a world where the dead rise and have come to consume the life's of the living. In this tale, the dead prevail.

Within the Abyss:
Imprisoned, a man sentenced to be executed for horrible crimes he has committed. Has been driven to the edge of insanity, while envisioning how his fate will take him. In the end, he suffers as he is locked in a chamber and is eaten alive by rats.

Unidentified Remains:
Influenced by the true events that are happening today. Men seek not only to kill a man, but to send a morbid message. Fuck with us and you will be cut to pieces and displayed for the world to see.

Plunging Into Darkness:
As the voices in his mind start to consume his life, a man is forced to decide to seek help or give in to these demons that haunt him everyday. The choice was simple, give in to the darkness.

Eye of the Demon:
More of a precursor to the events that lead to a man surrendering his soul, A man questions his sanity as he starts to feel the misery that will eventually consume him.

Evoke The Curse:
This song is a description of the power of black magic. Once the spells have been cast, there is no hope for any victim.

Amongst the Dead:
A story of a man who thrives on killing and consuming the body's of his innocent victims. His morbid appetite shows no mercy.

Sickness Of Humanity:
This song is about the disgusting ways of human beings. Although history tells us the outcome of our actions. Humans will never learn.

Mass Infestation:
Outbreak of disease threatens our whole existence. The fact that we are able to neutralize these outbreaks shows our will to survive. This song tells of the catastrophic outcome when we fail to find a solution.

Deadly Restraints:
This song brings attention to the horrors that some mentally challenged people face when those who are suppose to care for them end up torturing and killing them when they see fit. These situations are very common because most are simply rule accidental. This song is written from the caretakers point of view.

Quotes and reviews for the album:

Rock Hard GER 8/10
Metallian FR 4,5/6
Slam Zine AT 8/10
Sue FIN 9/10
Inferno FIN 4/5

"'Plunging Into Darkness' is a killer record and a real strong contender for the title thrash album of the year!" Patrick Schmidt/Rock Hard Germany

"Fueled By Fire are by far the strongest newcomer of thrash Metal!" BLAST! Mag Germany

"An unbelievably good thrash album, which slices your head off!" Patric Knittel, Legact Germany, 14/15

"This is a true dynamite! Speed, aggression and killer riffing. This is Bay Area and it's still alive!" Nick/Suicidal Angels

"Skullcrushing Thrash Metal!" Oliver Weinsheimer, Keep It True Festival

"This record gives me goosebumps truly, it knocks me down! What a killer 80s thrash vibe! Oh man, haven't heard this in years!! Killer stuff, bang or be killed!" Maurice/Legion Of The Damned


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