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11th May 2012

dan reed

There's a celebration going on in MetalTalk Towers this sunny Friday afternoon as we have made a major new 'signing' today.

And it's with the greatest pleasure that we welcome none other than the one and only Dan Reed of The Dan Reed Network who will be writing a monthly column starting in June.

We're keeping the content under wraps for now but you can expect to be entertained by Dan's words, that's for sure.

Dan was born in Portland, Oregon, but spent much of his early childhood in South Dakota and is currently living in Prague, where he has created the new label, Zero One, where his debut solo album, 'Coming Up For Air', was released. The label also represents many other artists.

With 'Coming Up For Air' Dan presented a group of songs that mirror his life journey and the search for that elusive deeper resonance we all hunger for at some point in our lives. With songs composed from Hong Kong to New Delhi, Jerusalem to London, he has come full circle to do what he has always done best - create and to perform to all who will listen.

Dan's new album, 'Signal Fire', will be released later this year.

You'll be hearing a lot more about this album and a lot more on several other subjects starting next month. And we'll be publishing a review of Dan's recent Glasgow concert very, very shortly.


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