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26th December 2013

Collated by Johnny Main

As you know, here at MetalTalk Towers, it's not just about the already established bands - we like to search out the very best new bands to tell you about, and here is a selection of the bands who we think you'll be hearing a lot more from in 2014 and beyond.

Steve Goldby


Absolva - Just as they were starting to break through, Fury UK had to be temporarily iced due to Luke Appleton's invitation to be the new Iced Earth bass player back in April 2012 - an opportunity to be grabbed with both hands. Absolva were formed immediately from the remnants of Fury UK and made an impact as they hit the road straight away and issued their debut album, 'Flames Of Justice'. They've just completed a European tour in countries that the band hadn't even realised they had a fan base in, and their story really is one of triumph in adversity.

Andy Millen


I've heard so much new music and new bands over the past year but for me, Karachi based band Khorne have to be the best new band of 2013 in my view. Their debut EP, 'We Begin', is an old school doom feats, and as a live band they certainly prove their worth.

Mark Taylor

pink cigar

London based rockers Pink Cigar, who have still to register to the mainstream at large, are the real deal playing energetic and charismatic gigs all over the capital to audiences of any shape or description and going down a storm.

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Mike Foley

sound of contact

I've encountered a number of new acts this year whose music has impressed me, but I was particularly taken with the melodic prog of Sound of Contact, featuring Simon Collins (son of Genesis drummer, Phil) and the dirty glam rock of Aussie duo The Graveltones who in any other year either would have easily been best new band. This year, however, seemingly from nowhere, a band appeared who make rock and roll as vital and exciting as it should be. That band is The Temperance Movement, and they embody all that is great about rock music - swagger, brilliant tunes, superb playing and pure, passionate energy. These guys will be massive.

Dutch Michael


Canadian band Striker - this band have been around since 2011 but after several line up changes and their first UK visit the band are off to Sweden to bless us with a second album and some more UK shows in June 2014. Taking in the new line up and the first UK visit, Striker qualify as a new band on this island. Seeing is believing, or just go get their first delicious album on Napalm Records.

Johnny Main

to the band

My new band of 2013, are New York based Metal band To The Pain. The band consists of vocalist John Intagliata, Steve Shaver on lead guitar, Craig Piano on guitar along with bass player Jeremy Lustig and drummer Jimmy Klimatas. I discovered earlier this year when I was asked to review their self-titled debut album and I was blown away with the quality of the song writing and musicianship. This is definitely a band I'll be keeping tabs on in 2014.

Ian Sutherland


None of the established bands I followed released new product and backed it up with a huge amount of activity outside of Anneke Van Giersbergen but great though Anneke is I have to make The Temperance Movement both New Band and Band Of The Year! From releasing an EP and my seeing them in front of 100 people in Dundee to a top 20 album and a sell out European tour in around six months! Also in Phil Campbell there is finally a great new male singer on the block! They deserve all the accolades they get.

Jools Green


Warcrab, the Plymouth based Death Sludgers have achieved a lot in just three years together, touring the circuit and culminating it with their self titled independent release earlier in 2013. They are certainly a band to look out for in 2014, I have great expectations of them.

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