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31st December 2013

Collated by Johnny Main

A lot of really good promo videos were released this year and we thought we'd share our favourites with you.

Some bands may be familiar to you already but why not give those bands you're less familiar a watch - you might find out that you actually like them!

Johnny Main

Does it get any better that 'Live It Up' by Airbourne? I think not – a great video to go with a great track from a great album ('Black Dog Barking' in case you didn’t know!). Listen to it LOUD and listen to it OFTEN is my only advice!

Rachael Mattice

Although only recently released, Behemoth's long anticipated 'Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel' was a captivating, unsettling and magnificent visual story. Stoking the fire with two teasers earlier in the year, and coupled with the foreboding music they have created a breathtaking scenario of ritualistic Satanism resulting in a brilliantly terrifying experience for the viewer.

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Mark Taylor

'Vincent Price' by Deep Purple. Go and watch it. Now!

Andy Millen

I chose Faraz Haider's 'Soch' simply for the fact that it can convey the songs meaning without the listener actually knowing what the Urdu words mean. The video is well shot and directed, and supports the song rather than being the main event.

Steve Goldby

Battle Beast: 'Black Ninja'. Battle Beast have come a long way since Noora Louhimo took over as vocalist. She's a bit scary actually, is Noora - in a "don't fuck with me" kind of way. She means what she sings and she sings it so you're in no doubt that she means it. Battle Beast are not messing around here, and for sheer brutal melody delivered with an almighty kick in the balls, look no further than this video from the Finnish powerhouse.

Ian Sutherland

No contest here, included in their Greatest Hits video package released earlier this year Rammstein did a new video for the reworked piano and vocals only version of 'Mein Herz Brennt' which shows them at their best. Imaginative, musically brilliant and creepy as hell! Check it out:

Dutch Michael

I'm stuck between two videos that make me happy, so I'll choose both:

Jools Green

Vried – 'The Reap' from their 'Welcome Farewell' album. The video actually had relevance to the song and I also liked the great mix of illustration and filmed footage - a powerful enhancement to a great song. BEST OF 2013
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