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10th October 2013

evil scarecrow

The illustrious Evil Scarecrow, who have long been dubbed Nottingham's finest parody metal band, are celebrating their overwhelmingly successful Bloodstock Open Air set this summer by releasing an exclusive live DVD of the event, plus bags of other exciting stuff.

The professionally-filmed onstage footage will be accompanied by literally minutes of totally unprofessionally-filmed tour and backstage shenanigans which they swear will delight and amaze fans everywhere.

The DVD release is being supported by a Pledge Music campaign, which went live at 10am yesterday. Thanks to the Crow's wonderfully dedicated fanbase, they reached 100% of the target amount in just 24 hours. Nice going!

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But that's no excuse to get complacent, folks! The Pledge campaign will continue to be live for another 53 days, and you can show your support for the band by pledging just £5 to receive a digital download version of the DVD or £12 for the DVD proper. 5% of any amount raised after the 100% landmark will go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation to support their valuable work and to pay homage to the S.O.P.H.I.E. Stage at Bloodstock where the set was filmed.

There are some extra goodies available as part of the Pledge campaign, including tickets to upcoming Nottingham and London gigs, so if you'd like to see the band play in the flesh be sure to get hold of those. The Nottingham gig will be at Rock City on Saturday January 11th 2014 (14+) and the London gig will take place at The Boston Arms, Tufnell Park on Friday 21st February 2014 (16+).

It's said that the Evil Scarecrow experience is best had live, so if you want a slice of Scarecrow history this DVD is a must-have. Thanks to careful planning and some coincidences, the DVD will be sent out just in time for Christmas, making it the perfect gift for friends and loved ones.

If you managed to attend the Bloodstock gig, the DVD will be a unique souvenir of what turned out to be a fantastically full-packed and thoroughly enjoyable show. If you weren't able to attend (or simply couldn't get in the tent), you now have the chance to see it for yourself. Look forward to hits such as 'Blacken The Everything' and 'Choose Metal', along with vintage Crow tune 'Thor vs Ra' and crowd-pleasers 'Robototron' and 'Crabulon' (the latter taken from the band's much-anticipated new album).

On top of the live show, the DVD also offers exclusive glimpses into the band's backstage activities, including hilarious* footage from tours and recording sessions.

*Not guaranteed to be hilarious.

Check out the Pledge campaign click here.

A highly sought-after limited edition fan pack including some breath-taking Evil Scarecrow merchandise was released alongside the Pledge but has now sold out! Be sure to watch Evil Scarecrow's website and Facebook page to get updates on future merchandise releases if you want to get your hands on such rarities as a badge, a patch and a very useful bottle opener, all emblazoned with the famous Evil Scarecrow logo.


Evil Scarecrow wishes to extend their unending and overly affectionate thanks to all of you who have already shown your support and made the Pledge campaign such a massive success. As for the rest of you, get pledging!


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