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16th October 2013

bill ward

Original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward, who is currently sitting out the band's reunion over a contractual conflict, recently spent some of his downtime undergoing surgery after suffering a perforated diverticulitis.

Bill has been out supporting his 'Absence Of Corners' art exhibition and was forced to postponed an October 26th reception in Annapolis, Md. in order to continue his recovery.

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A statement posted on Bill's website reads as follows:

"The artist reception with Bill Ward on October 26 at the Annapolis Collection Gallery in Maryland is being postponed due to illness. Ward recently suffered a perforated diverticulitis and underwent surgery in California. The procedure was successful, and Ward is expected to make a full recovery over the next several weeks.

"I am truly sorry that I have to postpone the Absence of Corners gallery reception. The feedback I have received from everyone about this project has been astounding, and I was so looking forward to this event. I want to thank the Annapolis Collection Gallery for everything they are doing. I am honored that they are exhibiting my art, and I hope to get there to celebrate this collection with you all very soon."

The gallery and Bill have agreed to find another date in the future which will allow him time for a complete recovery.

In addition to his art exhibit, Bill has been working on a solo album called 'Accountable Beasts' which he is waiting to go into the studio to finish mixing. Bill says he's willing to go back on the road to support it.

"I'm trying to finish an album I've been working on for nearly five years. I'm enjoying what I'm doing. When the writing's done and we have something to show for it and there's a possibility of taking it out, then I'll go out. I love touring."


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