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7th November 2013

vivian campbell

Vivian Campbell is in remission from Hodgkin's lymphoma.

The former Whitesnake and Dio guitarist was diagnosed with the form of cancer earlier this year, but in a Facebook post on his official page, Vivian announced that the recovery process has begun.

After having endured roughly two months of chemotherapy, Vivian Campbell was somewhat forced to reveal his cancer to the public, as his long hair was beginning to fall out.

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Even while undergoing chemotherapy, Campbell's public voice was lighthearted and positive: "My diagnosis was Hodgkin's lymphoma and 6 months of chemotherapy is the prescribed treatment," Campbell stated earlier this year.

"I'm about 2 months in and feeling rather spiffy, all things considered. Hodgkin's has an over 80% cure rate, so by my reckoning, if you're going to have a cancer, Hodgie's is the one to have!"

Campbell revealed the news of his remission last night:

"For anyone who gives a toss, after doing another PET scan and all the other follow up tests, then getting a second opinion etc., I'm officially in remission from Hodgies. That's the good news. The bad news is: I no longer have an excuse to not go to the gym."

Campbell, who joined Def Leppard in 1992, had been receiving chemotherapy since April.

"I feel fortunate that my cancer sent me an alarm call in the form of 'the cough that wouldn't quit,'" Campbell said earlier in the year.

Hodgkin's lymphoma is a cancer of the immune system characterized by the painless enlargement of lymph nodes, spleen, or immune tissue.

"I did kind of want to not go public with it at first, because it is a weird kind of thing," Campbell said in a June radio interview. "You've got to kind of learn to deal with it on your own terms before you can address the rest of the world about it. So, you know, I feel very comfortable going public about it.

"For the first couple months, I even tried to keep it from my children, because they were still in school and doing exams and stuff and I didn't want to add to their concerns. But after a while, it's inevitable that you, you know, something's going on and you have to kind of come out with it and kind of explain what the situation is.

"But I'm very comfortable with it. I'm very comfortable with the treatment. I'm very comfortable with how my body is reacting to it."

Vivian was last out playing with his brainchild Last In Line, a tribute to Dio featuring original members of the band that created Dio's best albums and hopefully, this project will now continue and go from strength to strength.


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