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6th December 2013


Scottish rockers Pallas have announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for their forthcoming album 'wearewhoweare' as well as a FREEE 'premix megamix' download of songs currently being written for the new album.

The reason for Pallas choosing to take the route that more and more bands are taking every day is, in their own words: "We've been around for some time! Long enough to tell some sorry stories about being hitched to record companies over the past quarter century!

"If you know us well we'll not need an introduction, if you've heard a bit about us have look at our website which has lavish details from the bands inception right through to this campaign and our next album. 'wearewhoweare' marks a seed change in the way we see the future of Pallas.

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"Why call the album 'wearewhoweare'? We are all what life makes us, our experiences in the music business have made us realise that we needed to be in charge of our own destiny.

"As we were writing and starting to record the next album we decided to make a drastic transition to became our own cottage industry and not have to fit in with other peoples' ideas of who we are. We are Pallas and we are who we are. So that's where the album title comes from!

"There is one thing however that a record company is good for and that's the advance which goes towards the recording budget. This is where our fans and supporters come in!

  "We have written the songs, we have licenced the artwork, we have started recording and have more than the bare bones of all the tracks, but studio bills have to be paid, the mixdown has to be done and the special edition digibook has to be manufactured!

"As you can hear and see from the video and FREE download, things are sounding good already so we're not asking you to contribute to something that hasn't been started yet, were just needing help in completing the album, releasing it and getting some exciting videos done if we can surpass the initial target.

"By contributing to this campaign you can look at it as pre-ordering an album directly from its makers rather than going through a series of middle men. Not only that, but we have a series of unique special perks!

"There are unique ways you can contribute to our campaign and we'll also be illustrating them with some funky graphics over the next few days.

"We are offering everything from an absolutely exclusive Pallas track (only available to contributors) all the way up to a weekend in the studio with the band where we will co-ordinate a weekend in the studio for up to 2 contributors who can each record with Pallas a track of their choice, recording their own instrument or vocal and then becoming the tracks 'producer' as it is mixed-down by Niall. You will also be credited as an Executive Producer for 'wearewhoweare' therefore also getting the "Your Photo In The Special Edition Artwork" and "Special Edition CD Ultimate" perks and other Pallas momentos.

If you want to take part in this exciting phase of the band's development, simply click here or go to where full details of the crowdfunding packages and FREE Megamix download details are available.

On the live front Pallas' pre-Christmas mini tour finishes tomorrow, Saturday December 7th, at The Peel, Kingston Upon Thames where the band are headlining The House of Progression Xmas HOP and 2013 awards. Tickets available at

Please join and support us in this exciting phase in the band's career.

For further information please contact Geoff Banks at either or or on 44+ (0)20 8251 1026.


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