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28th January 2014

nick menza

Former Megadeth sticksman Nick Menza claims that Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine ignored his attempts for a reconciliation in their relationship saying that Mustaine's security team brushed him off and told Menza to "go away" while Mustaine was at the Dean Guitars stand at the 2014 NAMM (National Association Of Music Merchants) Show.

Menza was the drummer in Megadeth from 1989-1998 and played on some of the band's most successful recordings including the platinum selling 'Rust In Peace' in 1990 (which also saw the band nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance) and its multi-platinum selling follow up, 'Countdown To Extinction' in 1992.

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While the band was touring on the back of the 'Cryptic Writings' release in 1998, Menza was having knee problems and sought medical advice. A benign tumour was discovered and subsequently removed, however, as a result of his absence from the band, Mustaine employed Jimmy DeGrasso as a temporary replacement to complete the scheduled tour dates.

In 1999, Megadeth entered the studio to record the follow up to 'Cryptic Writings' but Menza received a call prior to this telling him his " are not needed anymore" and DeGrasso was installed as a permanent member of the band.

This latest altercation comes on the back of several attempts by Menza to heal the past wounds and re-connect with Mustaine but a posting on his (Menza's) Facebook page reads: "I had a blast at NAMM hanging with fans and old friends I also made a major mistake for trying to saying hello to Dave Mustaine at the Dean booth, [which] he totally blew me off and wouldn't even look at me then had his hired goons/bodyguard tell me go away, pretty lame! I'm over it and life goes on!!!"

He also added a note saying: "I have so many other things going on right now that even if Dave asked me back in the band, I would have to turn down the offer."

Menza has written an autobiography (tentatively entitled 'Nick Menza: Megalife') with acclaimed writer J Marshall Craig and is currently trying to sign a publishing deal for the book.

Menza performing Megadeth's 'Holy Wars... The Punishment Due' (drums only)


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