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18th March 2013

mikael akerfelt

Opeth mainman Mikael Åkerfeldt was recently interviewed by DJ Andrew Haug for Australian radio, and he was in a feisty mood. In this 18 minute interview he discusses new song ideas, one of which he describes as sounding like an "evil Queen'ish metal song".

Mikael also talks candidly about the response to the band's latest album 'Heritage' and his thoughts on contemporary metal; "Metal has a new meaning to me. 'Heritage' is metal."

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Among some of his best quotes:

"I'm not working on a recipe to make everyone like what we do...we're not a commercial band. We're kind of going against the grain even within the metal community."

"I don't listen to new extreme metal. I think it's dull...I can't get impressed with bands that are fast...brutality for me does nothing. I've been into the whole death metal scene for fucking ages, so it's not happening that I'm going to be impressed by brutal music anymore."

He also states that he thinks Opeth is better now than they've ever been.


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