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27th June 2013

who needs richie

Why are stadium filling rock gods Bon Jovi giving away half price tickets?

Maybe because Richie Sambora, Bon Jovi's much loved guitarist, backing vocalist, co-writer and co-producer was unable to join the 'Because We Can' tour in April. At the time Jon Bon Jovi claimed he had less than 6 hours notice of Richie's non attendance and was left pulling strings at the last minute to co-ordinate Phil X to join the tour instead. Richie wanted to join the tour at the start of June but alledgedly Jon prevented it.

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Jon then made a public statement saying it was becoming more and more difficult to remain quiet about Richie's absence, apart from clearly saying that the issue preventing Richie joining the tour was an issue he 'had faced before' leading many people to conclude that Jon was hinting Richie had attended rehab instead of joining the tour in April. He also commented that 'Richie was not as essential to Bon Jovi as, say, The Edge is to U2'.

This led Richie to reply with an email to Jon recommending he 'Hire the Edge'. Richie also suggested Jon was actively preventing him joining the tour as Jon wanted to see how he would get on selling out stadiums without Richie being part of the deal.

Has all this squabbling and point scoring public put downs led fans to abandon this year's tour? Last month Jon announced a free show in Spain, citing it as an appreciation from him of the difficult economic times fans in Spain are living through and that fans may be short of disposable income to spend on tickets for gigs. It was noted the gig was not a sell out and had struggled to attract a full audience. Now we note that next week's Hampden gig is advertised on the discount savings site Groupon at a 50% discount for a 'general admission standing' ticket. So far 1,136 tickets have been sold which outlines clearly the size of attendance deficit that Bon Jovi were carrying until the assisted selling with Groupon.

If you are wanting to go to the gig then you can get your half price tickets for £32.50 only here:

So far it looks like Richie has the answer to his stadium conundrum - no Richie and Jon together, no sell out tour.


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