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29th June 2013


An exhibition of illustrations based on CHTHONIC's music opens this week in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Six artists from the famous Taiwanese illustration arts group, Yamyoukan, have contributed to an illustrated book, 'Unsealing the Bú-Tik', which turns historic scenes recounted in CHTHONIC's studio albums into works of art.

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Many stories from Chthonic's catalogue of releases – the last three via Spinefarm Records – have been brought to life across 32 pages of illustrations, including the headhunt from 'Seediq Bale'(2005), the departure of the Takasago Army from the album 'Takasago Army' (2011), the final battle at Sing Ling Temple from 'Takasago Army' (2011) & 'Mirror Of Retribution' (2009), as well as the story that saw the band travel back in time; this latter tale comes from Chthonic's latest album, 'Bú-Tik'(2013), now on worldwide release.

Band members Doris, Dani and Freddy made personal contributions to the book, adding their own drawings to the collection.

chthonic art

Says comic enthusiast and Chthonic drummer, Dani: "I'm really grateful that Yamyoukan invited us to take part in the drawing process, so that I could pick up the drawing pen again. It's always been a passion of mine..."

Adds band leader and bassist, Doris: "It has always been our dream to turn the stories behind our music into images; I feel so moved as I hold this illustrated book in my hand..."

Fans can order the book online here:

chthonic comic

2013 saw Chthonic making their second appearance at the prestigious Download festival in the UK, this time preceded by a signing session. For DL 2013, the band raised the bar by unleashing the skills of a six-piece Taiwanese orchestra, adding atmosphere and weight to a performance already steeped in Eastern drama.

Chthonic's new studio album, 'Bu-Tik', is available now via Spinefarm, and the video for 'Supreme Pain For The Tyrant' can be viewed here:

A full UK tour is currently being planned for autumn 2013.


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