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20 December 2013

UK Metal band Huron have decided to release a charity single in aid of Help For Heroes.

Huron, a well-known and highly followed band in the UK Metal scene, have released three studio albums worldwide and their fourth is being released February 2014.

The band decided to do this due to the escalation in physical and mental after care that is required for the injured serviceman and also the vital support needed for their families. Huron are based in Plymouth, Devon so they have strong connections with all the armed forces in the area whether a family member or a close friend, they have seen at first hand the effects of what being in the armed forces has on people and so 'The Eternal Sea' was created.

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Sean Kenivel, vocalist said "The song was initially written in remembrance of a close friend of the bands called John. John served on HMS Ardent in the Falklands War.The frigate was hit and sunk by an Argentinian missile and lives were lost. John survived but when he returned from the war his war had just started he never got over the experience and suffered from bouts of depression and in turn lost everything including his life. The understanding of PWS (Post War Syndrome) was still in its early stages."

The lyrics of the song are made up from 3 sources, a passage from the bible, extracts from a short poem by Sean Kenivel and actual comments made from John. The music was written and performed by ex-Huron member Neil Sims and was remixed and produced by Huron guitarist Rimmy Sinclair.

Huron used vocalist Sean Kenievel's original vocals from 2011 and guest vocalist Melanie Mclaren's vocals were recorded and mixed in the track in 2013. The song is an acoustic masterpiece that some fans of the band will find is a total departure from the heavy sounds the band are known for.

The song was first released in 2011 on Huron's 'Mary Celeste' album and was part 1 of two songs that were released on the album.

On this remixed / re mastered version of The Eternal Sea, UK singer/songwriter Melanie Mclaren appears as a special guest. Melanie heard the song and liked it so much she sang it at one of her live shows unaware that someone had filmed her performance and uploaded it to YouTube.

At the time Huron and Melanie shared the same management company and they suggested that they should see the footage and once Huron watched it they invited her to be part of the project.

Knievel said "We all take it for granted each day by getting up going to the supermarket buying our groceries, dropping the kids to school and going to work, basically having a normal peaceful life, we have this freedom because of the brave servicemen and servicewomen who keep threats and conflicts from our shores. So whatever you're political stand point, please support this fantastic cause for Help For Heroes"

The Eternal Sea can be purchased through Amazon via this link:

Huron are:
Knievel - Vox
Sinclair - Guitar
Sampson - Guitar
Parsons - Drums
James - Bass

Official website:
Facebook Official:


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