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12 January 2014

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted left the band thirteen years ago, and has not talked about the split until now.

However in a new interview with ScuzzTV, he reveals some fascinating insights over the events that led to his departure, and talks about how James Hetfield's jealousy hindered his next steps.

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He explains how Metallica's management were initially supportive and enthusiastic about Echobrain, his subsequent project, but their involvement was quashed by frontman James Hetfield, and ultimately the band did not succeed.

Newsted also throws light on his treatment during his tenure, where he expands on the "private and personal reasons" which he cited at the time but did not explain further.

Watch the illuminating interview here - the Metallica part begins around the 30 minute mark:

Jason's current band is Newsted, who played at Download and several other festivals in 2013.



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