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19 January 2014

A hilarious film offering a behind-the-scenes sneak-peak at a busy rock festival has been released as a tribute DVD to Jay-Jay Winter (ex-frontman of Asomvel) after being recorded live at 2012's Full Moon Dog Festival at The Cockpit, Leeds.

Madder Than A Full Moon Dog captures a moment in time in British Heavy Metal and includes live performances and candid interviews with the bands and their fans and features songs from Orange Goblin, Asomvel, Stiletto Farm, Stuka Squadron, Triaxis, Eliminator, Dark Forest, Mercenary and Screaming Eagles.

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Featuring madness, mayhem and backstage shenanigans, this DVD includes music, interviews with the bands and the crowd and all the general tomfoolery.

The Full Moon Dog Festival is a rock festival created to honour the memory of Jay-Jay Winter, who started Asomvel in the early nineties with long-time friends,Lenny Robinson (guitar) and Mark Ramsey Wharton(drums).

Their chemistry, attitude, integrity and honesty shone through the music. Following the release of a 10" vinyl edition of their Full Moon Dog demo, to rave reviews, Asomvel recorded an album, Kamikaze - again, this garnered more excellent reviews.

Watch the trailer for the DVD below:

Full Moon Dog - Asomvel
Stone Cold Stare - Asomvel
Death before Dishonour - Stiletto Farm
Black Shadow - Mercenary
The Wizard of Alderley Edge - Dark Forest
Stand for Something - Orange Goblin
We Rule the Night - Eliminator
Drudgery - Asomvel
Black Trinity - Triaxis
Round Up the Horses - Orange Goblin
Tales of the Ost - Stuka Squadron
Blow Me - Screaming Eagles
They Come Back - Orange Goblin

The DVD can be ordered at or direct from the festival website


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