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23 January 2014

Life can be described as a marathon and not a sprint, and this principle was embodied today with the news that the classic Swiss Metallers Krokus were officially honoured for their acclaimed 1980 album.

Nearly thirty-five years after the release of 'Metal Rendez-vous' Krokus have had official confirmation from their record company that the album is considered the most successful Hard Rock album of Switzerland and is certified as triple platinum.

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'Metal Rendez-vous' sold around three million copies worldwide and was the first to feature vocalist Marc Storace.

"This album awakened the Swiss music scene from their slumber" said Storace. The Band from Solothurn charted with three songs from that album in the UK charts, all at the same time, toured a little later the U.S., playing to hundreds of thousands of fans.

"We have recorded the album for just 15 000 Swiss Francs [about $15,0000]," guitarist Fernando von Arb recalls, "We lived in a cellar hole, put everything on one card and had nothing to lose," says bassist Chris von Rohr. "We never would have expected that it would take off as it did. Great thanks to all the fans!"

Krokus have not been resting on their laurels all this time. In 2013 the band released their 17th studio album 'Dirty Dynamite'. Bass and vocal tracks were laid down at historic Abbey Road Studios and it includes a cover of The Beatles song "Help!".

You can hear two of the classic tracks from 'Metal Rendez-vous' below:


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