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14 February 2014

volume iv
Ripple Music keeps making waves as they unleash 'Long In The Tooth', the debut album by Atlanta, Georgia's Volume IV on March 11th in the States and March 14th for the rest of the world.

When first experiencing Volume IV, you could mistakenly assume they were from Texas - while their sound is both Heavy as hell, and modern, you can't help but think they were fathered from the loins of The Reverend Willy G.

Whether it's Joe Carpenter's smooth, low growling vocals, the incredible syncopation of the drums, or the simmering stew of guitar and bass bliss, it's clear that there is some ZZ Top DNA lurking within their sound. But make no mistake, they are Heavy as hell.

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Volume IV sound like they've not only listened closely to the history of rock, they've also honed their skills at laying down everything from thorny stoner blues to intricate harmony guitars, and it's always with an undercurrent of massive Metal.

Listen to a full preview of the album here:

It's easier to make up various labels than to actually describe the band - they transcend these labels and that's what makes it all so cool. Lots of bands throw down a variety styles, but few make them their own.

Rock Ain't Near Dead, and it's never been more evident than in the first quarter of 2014 - things are on fire, and they appear to only be getting hotter. Volume IV should be warming up their engines for loads of touring after the record's release.


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