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18 February 2014

hairy balls

Attention all Rock & Metal Fans: A challenge has been set that raises the bar for charity fundraisers, and it's not just about showing who's got the biggest could be about SHAVING them.

On Tuesday 18th February Fede Valls, Les-Fest organiser and Achren Manager, challenged his 1000+ Facebook friends to join him to raise money for Headbangers Balls.

The rules were simple: raise money however you like over a period of three months. But here's the kick in the balls: whoever raises the least amount of money by the end of the task has to remove ALL their body hair.

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The stunt will be publicised by the Headbangers Balls project, with updates and reports via their social media and web pages, with a dedicated "Hairy Balls Challenge" Facebook page set up where the public can follow the progress and current leaderboard.

Founder of Headbangers Balls Andy Pilkington said:

"Not only is this an exceptionally entertaining challenge which has the potential to raise a ton of money for Teenage Cancer Trust, but the forfeit and the fear surrounding it has real significance as a symbol of cancer sufferers as just one part of what they face when going through treatment. It's a brilliant idea, and we're in awe of anyone with the Balls to sign up."

Fede's Facebook Status said:

"We all know about Headbangers Balls, right?

They work relentlessly to raise funds and awareness for Teenage Cancer Trust!

Well isn't it time we take a step forward and do a real challenge?
Fuck abseiling or bungee jumping, I do that for fun!
Let's do something that really would be scary!

My challenge would involve as many hairy, bearded Metalheads as possible and the idea is that we all raise money for Headbangers Balls in whatever way possible and after a period of three months the person who raised the least amount of funds will have their entire body shaved (yes, that includes eyebrows etc)!

Oh, and I am not excluding female Metalheads (with or without beard), everyone is welcome to take part, after all the more people do it, the more we will raise for Headbangers Balls!

I have been talking to Andy & Beth and have the full backing of Headbangers Balls, they will share & support each and everyone of the participants and the exposure will be huge, so if you're in a band, want your name out and have the balls, join in!

I have over a thousand people on here, so please could everyone who reads this share it and make it a charity challenge of epic proportions!

If you want to take part with me in this ridiculous challenge, PM either Andy, Beth or me, but only if you have the Balls!


Headbangers Balls is officially partnered by Teenage Cancer Trust
Founder: Andy Pilkington
Assistant: Beth Hughes
PR: Steve Huges, InTunePR


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