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24 February 2014

loud noises

Newly established Scottish based Ouergh Records are extremely pleased to announce the release of their first ever compilation album, to be titled 'Loud Noises', which is scheduled for released on Saturday 1st March.

The 'Loud Noises' release features fifteen tracks from up and coming bands as well as more established acts from all over the world and includes tracks from the likes of Cypher16, States of Panic, Estrella, Abandoned Stars, Wretched Soul and Karybdis.

The album will be available to download free of charge from Saturday 1st March via their official Facebook page.

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A listening party to officially launch the label and the album was held at Les-Fest HQ on Friday 21st February and was a resounding success according to sources.

As well as encompassing digital music distribution, Ouergh Records also have a division to promote an array of Rock and Metal artists.

'Loud Noises' Tracklist:
Mad Hatters Den - Welcome To The Den
Stormborn - Stormborn
Mask of Judas - Crown The Sun
States of Panic - Gun To My Head
Estrella - Rocker Lily
Dyscordia - The Loser's Game
Cypher16 - Lonely Road
Bkken - Mystic Mogul
Traitors - Dead Nerves
Keldian - Never Existed
Wretched Soul - Veronica
Abandoned Stars - Follow Your Heart
Karybdis - Constellations
Wardrum - Lady Jane Grey
48Hours - Hate You

Ouergh Records Online:


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