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25 February 2014

intrepid fox

After reporting yesterday on iconic Rock and Metal venue The Intrepid Fox's imminent closure (Click here for details), a further statement has been made.

We're not quite sure what to make of this one - it's true that the Tower card in Tarot represents a collapse of the old and building of the new, but knowing the fate of Bugsy Siegel three months after the re-opening of the Flamingo Hotel we are hoping that there won't be an exact repeat of history.

Anyway, check out and enjoy the full story below, along with the line-up for this weekend.

Article continues below...

Statement number 2 from The Intrepid Fox:

THE INTREPID FOX's view from the bar: past, present and future...

"In March of 1951, testifying before the Kefauver Senate Crime Investigating Committee, Virginia Hill stated that (Benjamin 'Bugsy') Siegel had told her the Flamingo Hotel was 'upside down'-though she was able to cast no light on what he might have meant by that statement."

Colin Lepovre. Siegel Agonistes.

In 1938 Ben Siegel, an "associate" of the Luciano crime family, travelled to Italy with the countess Dorothy DiFrasso. Shortly after the visit it was discovered that a card was missing from the Sforza Castle playing card collection: a mixture of incomplete decks including modern suits, but also some from a Tarot deck painted in 1499. The missing piece was the Tower card. It was claimed to have never been part of the collection due to it being considered an ill omen by some.

As with all esoteric interpretations of Tarot cards, multiple meanings can be ascribed to cards and their juxtaposition and alignment. The Tower follows immediately after The Devil in all tarot decks. In the 17th Century Tarot of Paris the image shown is of the Devil beating drums before the mouth of Hell. A burning building, struck by lightning; falling figures; the biblical story of Babel; the Harrowing of Hell; danger; chaos; destruction; crisis. Who would want such a card?

But other interpretations exist: sudden change, explosive transformation, liberation. And reversed: "to be currently in a harsh and chaotic situation, but exiting in a good manner. Indeed you are falling but landing with your feet over the soil"...

Interesting man, 'Bugsy' Siegel. Hated his nickname's implication of "crazy". Boyhood friend of Al Capone. Handsome and charismatic he hung out with Frank Sinatra and Cary Grant in Hollywood. On meeting the Nazi's Goring and Goebbels, whilst in Italy, offered to whack 'em, coz he thought they were dicks. Erratic, visionary, bootlegger, gambler: one of the founding members of the infamous Murder Inc. By 1947 had built the insanely opulent Flamingo Hotel in Vegas: his Tower in the wasteland.

Gangsters...I guess at least you knew where you stood with 'em. What do we get nowadays? Corporate fuckin' gangsters. Nameless, faceless, soulless: hiding behind their high-priced lawyers. Instead of a gun they use a wrecking ball, a clause in a contract. Lurking with their cronies behind closed doors, hatching their plans to carve up our world. Planning colossal skyscrapers for fuckin' yuppies who never create but rather exploit resources and "commodities". Furthering their insatiable lust for more fuckin' wealth they could ever hope to spend in their hopefully short lifetimes. The people we trusted our money with and they rewarded us by plunging us into a global recession.

And who are the first to feel the effect of this new breed of fascism? Those society deem misfits. Well fuck 'em I say: let's party...!!! This weekend, upstairs in "THE BOM SHELTR", a welcome live return for blistering rockers HORNET on Fri 28, followed by club "BEDLAM's METAL ASYLUM". Sat 1 we have the snarling boys from dirty, gutter rock club night "KICK IN THE TEETH". I can think of a few candidates in Armani's that could benefit from that...Downstairs, as always, THE LIVING DEAD CREW rattle up the usual mish-mash of the best in hard rock, metal and punk. Check out the calendar at for details and come down and get fucked up with us (oh sorry, drink responsibly with us...ooops!).

So for this week the always friendly fox has two messages; a thanks to the awesome Five Finger Death Punch for their words of inspiration and to the fuckers who want to destroy our world: c'est la vie, adios, good riddance, fuck you...

THE INTREPID FOX now has five weeks before its eviction from its home here on St. Gile's High St. Every week we shall be posting a new statement at 5pm on the Tuesday. We ask our many friends out there to please share... This city is under siege: watch this space for the coming of "La Familia"...


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