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25 February 2014

desecrator ep

As a thank you to everyone who has been supporting the band throughout the Scottish Alternative Music Awards (SAMAs) campaign, 'MMXIV' is now available for free download.

The EP is available from, with the added option to pay anything you want, with all funds going towards the professional mixing and mastering costs of the brand new second Desecrator album.

Featuring the re-record of 'Darkness Is Upon Thee' and live set opener, 'This Is The End', this demo stays true to the live feel of a typical Desecrator gig performance; every recorded instrument having only one continuous take, very little messing with the vocal tracks, and precision of the percussion and orchestral sections you've come to know and love!

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Established in 2007, Desecrator is the one-man death drive consisting of Highland multi-instrumentalist, Mark Dubanowski, combining the Thrash, Black and Death influences to create a sound of destruction!

All lyrics & arrangements by Mr. K Desecrator
All music composed by Mr. K Desecrator
Additional lead guitar in track 1 by R Mackay
Instrumentation recorded at Desecrator Studios
Vocals recorded at Butterscotch Studios
Mixed and mastered at Desecrator Studios

Demo artwork/Photo credit to Roddy McKenzie


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