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3 March 2014

richie sambora

Richie Sambora has been talking to media based in Australia ahead of his solo shows.

Richie seems quite comfortable with the media in Oz as he gave Richard Wilkins the exclusive on his reason for leaving the tour, which can be seen below.

So, does he have anything else to say about this and if we will ever see him playing with Bon Jovi again?

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Richie reveals his reasons for leaving:

Richie says that for the first time in his career he has been home now for almost a year and that he has never, ever had that time to invest in his family relationships before. Richie is keen for people to understand that it is not just touring that takes him away from home but the whole creative process of developing the each new album that each subsequent tour is based on.

As Richie has said "I mean honestly, when you look at it, I'm the guy that writes the songs [for Bon Jovi]. So we've got to sit there and spend months writing the songs, then you're in the studio for another four or five months, the guys come in for two weeks. I co-produce the albums, I do all that stuff, and then the next thing you know you're on tour for 16 months. I did that 14 times in 30 years so I've missed a lot of life. And the currency of love and happiness is worth a lot more than the currency of money."

Ava, (Richie's daughter with ex-wife Heather Locklear) "needed me to be here, and I needed to be with her. That was a very, very important time in my life to make that decision, and it took a lot of thinking"

In relation to the Bon Jovi fans who were disappointed Richie says he appreciates their feelings on this matter. "I'm sure it wasn't a popular decision, but I had to make it. I can see why fans are hostile. They went out and bought tickets, and they expected to see me play too. It was just one of those times. I'm not saying that the band is over."

You can read the full interview at

For those of us who like to remember why Richie and Jon are one of the best rock song writing partnerships of the past 30 years and to give each his rightful recognition and contribution to creating and sustaining Bon Jovi here is their induction to the UK Hall of Fame:


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