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20 April 2014

In an appalling act of violence, Dariya "Nookie" Stavrovich, the vocalist for Russian Metal band The Slot was stabbed in the neck several times at an album signing session on April 18th in St Petersburg.

It is not known if the attack was an act of Hate Crime, or another motive, and the knife-wielder was apprehended on site.

It appears that Nookie is now stable in hospital, and thoughts go out to her and the band members. Attacks and threats of violence can never be justified and it is hoped that swift action will be taken on this intolerable situation.

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A statement on the band's Facebook page broke the news:

"Today, on the 18th of April, before The SLOT's signing session, an armed attack was made on the members of the band near the cafe "Stoker" in St. Peterburg.

The malefactor armed with a knife, tried to attract attention of the members of the band and to start a conversation with them. After that he stabbed Nookie (Dariya Stavrovich) several times in her neck.
Fortunately she was able to protect herself from some of the hits with her hands.

The offender was neutralized and was caught red-handed. After that he was followed to police Department.

After Nookie was given first aid by Cache, she was immediately rushed to the hospital. The hospital described her general condition as moderately grave.

Fortunately at the present moment there is no threat to Nookie's life and she is staying at the Mariinskaya hospital.

Let's wish her a speedy and painless recovery!"

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