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23 April 2014

"So what do we do? Anything. Something. So long as we just don't sit there. If we screw it up, start over. Try something else. If we wait until we've satisfied all the uncertainties, it may be too late."
Lee Iacocca

When it comes down to the wire, life is about choices. You can gather all information, consider the options, weigh the pros and cons from now until, oh I don't know, the end of fucking time. It still always comes down to one, simple, inescapable fact. Without evolution, the only future is extinction.

I refuse to lay down and fucking die. I will never allow the actions of others to bring me down. I will never, fucking ever trust my destiny to the whim of another. Sometimes in a time of great change and transformation, by far the most proactive thing to do is to trust your instincts, listen to your heart and your head and take that leap of faith...

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I liked the Archway Tavern, the first time I saw it. It's like an island in the middle of a chaotic river. Surrounded by energy, the continual movement of the traffic; it stands there like a fortress. Solid. Imposing. Secure.

It feels like the eye at the centre of the storm; a nucleus, surrounded by the orbit of subatomic electrons; the point of a pentagram; the heart of a body.

Sometimes you just know when it fits.

So shall we let the cat out of the proverbial bag? Fuck, yeah...

Due to the overwhelming positive reaction to our Easter Weekend Party, we've been asked to make the Archway Tavern our permanent home. From Thursday 24th April 2014 at 7pm our new address is:

The Intrepid Fox (@ Archway Tavern)
1, Archway Close
N19 3TD

Whilst we get settled in our opening times are:

Wednesday-3pm til 12pm
Thursday-3pm til 12pm
Friday-3pm til 3.30am
Saturday-3pm til 3.30am
Sunday-5pm til 12pm
Monday & Tuesday-closed

We are planning on running club nights on specific days which will be open til 3.30am, when advertised. Live music will be a regular feature and we'll have a pool table available when there's no special event planned. Generally admission is free; there will be a cover charge, when advertised; "Fox Loyalty Cards" can be used for reduced admission at events, when advertised.

This weekend (25-27/4/14) we're running a "Classic Fox Music Special" Friday, Saturday & Sunday, when the Living Dead Crew will be playing the usual mix of the best in Hard Rock, Metal & Punk: all the tunes you know and love.

Admission is free so come down and party with us. Check out the new venue and stake your claim to being one of the originals at the start of the new chapter in the tumultuous history of the Fox...

"It ain't no mystery, I'm all I have left
I'm pushing back and running you over
I've been thrown down run around, beaten 'til I hit the ground
Telling you right now that it's over.
There's no room for mistakes, all the cards are in place
Say what you will but say it to my face
Better back the fuck up
Better shut the fuck up
I'll do what I want and I'll never give up..."

Five Finger Death Punch (Lift Me Up)

So keep checking at and on Facebook for news of upcoming events, cause we've got loads planned: we ask our many friends out there to please share.

P.S. From Mr Punch to his special friend..."There's a shadow on you, boy"


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