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10 June 2014

Tony Conley

tony conley

To follow up on yesterday's news, Uli Jon Roth has now officially cancelled his North American appearances with Yngwie Malmsteen's Guitar Gods Tour, which will most likely carry on with Yngwie, Gary Hoey, and Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal.

The Official UJR announcement regarding the up-coming US GG-Tour with Yngwie Malmsteen, Gary Hoey and Bumblefoot was made today and can be read below:

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"Unfortunately we are forced to cancel my participation in this tour due to unforeseen circumstances which are beyond our control. We don't know why, but work visas got mysteriously delayed for no apparent reason to the point where we were left with no other reasonable choice but to cancel at this late stage. In over 30 years of obtaining US visas this has never happened to me, but I guess there's always a first.

"I would have loved to play for the North-American audience on this tour, like so many times before, but I'm sure my three guitar-playing friends will be just fine without me and will more than make up for it with their considerable skills. I'm wishing them best luck and lots of inspiration!!!"

Uli Jon Roth


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