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10 June 2014

Andy Millen

andy millen

Many people reading this will know someone affected by Alzheimer's disease. It is a form of dementia affecting nearly half a million people in the UK. A degenerative physical disease affecting the brain, it is so far incurable. Alzheimer's affects not only the lives of those immediately affected but also their families. In its progress, it takes away a person's memories and independence and in many cases dignity.

The American Alzheimer's Association has been benefiting from fundraising by Christine Coz and Dorian Rainwater (Guitarist and Vocalist from Phobia & Noisear) in the form of 'Grinding for a Cure'.

Christine wanted to start fundraising after her Mother was diagnosed with the disease in 2006, and, along with Dorian have so far put out three compilation albums on Bandcamp with a fourth in the planning stages. These Albums have drawn together artists worldwide from the extreme Metal scene, all donating songs to be included. So many in fact, that Volume 1 led to 2, then 3, and now 4.

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So far, when I spoke to Dorian last Tuesday, these had raised $1117! The money was due to be presented to the Alzheimer's Association at their 'Walk to end Alzheimer's' in Dallas last year, but Christina's Mother sadly died just before, so they never got there. Instead, they carried on fundraising, and plan a presentation at this year's event. In addition to the Compilations, they are designing T-shirts to be sold alongside the albums.

So far, over 300 bands have contributed songs, including Phobia; Noisear; Swamp Gas; Maruta, Brutal Truth; False Flag Attack; Punished Earth; No Class Assassins; Capitalist Casualties and Multinational Corporations. A truly global and solid line-up of bands.

So, some links to all of this and more information. (the official Facebook page) (follow the links for the other Albums) (UK organisation with info etc on Alzheimers) (Its US counterpart) (worldwide federation of Alzheimers Associations)


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