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20 June 2014

jools green

Jools Green

On July 14 2014, 'Soulless', the third album by Swedish Death Metal act Grave, will finally be reissued on vinyl two decades after its original release. Current vocalist/guitarist Ola Lindgren comments:

"Hey folks, it's time to unleash another classic from the Grave repertoire. 20 years ago we did an album called 'Soulless' and it has been out of print for ages on vinyl. Actually, this is the first repress on LP since 1994, so to make it extra nice we also included a detailed interview with Jörgen and me telling the history of this record and mastered it especially for vinyl ensuring the best possible sound.

"If you wonder why the logo isn't orange anymore, well, we thought it was a bit ugly before, haha, and took the chance to edit it a bit. 'Soulless' marked an album where Grave became groovier and more diverse than before and we're damn proud of it today and hope you all will enjoy this vinyl edition!"

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'Soulless (LP edition 2014)' features an uncoated cardboard sleeve just like the previous vinyl reissues of 'Into The Grave' and 'You'll Never See...', heavy printed inner sleeve with lyrics/interview and special vinyl mastering by Patrick W. Engel / Temple Of Disharmony (Asphyx, Massacra, Darkthrone, etc.). See below for the exact vinyl colours and limitations:

Black vinyl - 600 copies
Gold vinyl - 100 copies (exclusive to CM Distro Europe)
Transparent orange vinyl - 200 copies (exclusive to CM Distro US)
Neon orange vinyl - 100 copies (exclusive to Cyclone Empire)

Black & gold vinyl are available for pre ordering now at CM Distro Europe.

To refresh your memory, here's a link to the official video clip for the album's title-track, enjoy some vintage Swedish brutality:

Stay tuned for more current Grave news soon!


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