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28 July 2014

Philm has announced that their long awaited second studio album, 'Fire From The Evening Sun', will be released on the band's new label, UDR on September 15th.

"UDR is honoured to be working with Philm. This partnership seems very instinctual," said UDR's head of A&R/Marketing, Jay Lansford. "Dave Lombardo and I worked together during the Grip Inc. years."

He adds, "After hearing Philm's new album this alliance was clearly divine will. Powerful, intense... urgent. These three prolific musicians have created something that is refreshingly not mundane, but ear-shattering and groundbreaking"

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Led by the single 'Fire From The Evening Sun' Philm's unparalleled drummer, Dave Lombardo states that the new album will mark a different turn in the bands musical journey.

"Philm's first album, 'Harmonic', is still an amazing work to me. It's improvisational & raw. It was my first time producing an album and I am very proud of it. The new album is a completely different animal. It is again produced by me, but mastered & mixed by a couple of musical giants... Tyler Bates & Robert Carranza.

"I believe this album has a daring, callous temperament about it that really sums up our mindset right now. No improvising, no fluff. It's heavy and in your face from start to finish. You may think you know what Philm is, but you don't. If you haven't seen us live, you have no idea. We thrive on being out of our comfort zones and want fans to take that ride."

If 'Fire From The Evening Sun' is any indication, this album will not only give Lombardo fans what they have so passionately missed, but will take us on a heated musical journey that will leave us soaked in sonic beatitude.

Philm - Gerry Nestler (vocals, guitars), Pancho Tomaselli (bass) and Dave Lombardo (drums) - will hit the road this fall in support of the album by performing several shows throughout Europe and the U.S. with more dates to be confirmed.

Track listing:
1) Train
2) Fire From The Evening Sun
3) Lady Of The Lake
4) Lion's Pit
5) Silver Queen
6) We Sail At Dawn
7) Omniscience
8) Fanboy
9) Luxhaven
10) Blue Dragon
11) Turn In The Sky
12) Corner Girl

Philm will also be playing some shows this September:

7th London, England, The Underworld
9th Vienna, Austria, Arena
10th Munich, Germany, Feierwerk
11th Zurich, Switzerland, Rote Fabrik


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