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16 August 2014

Johnny Main

johnny main

Scotland's premier classic Rock and Metal festival, Wildfire, is now preparing for its fourth event and its aim has always been to support new and upcoming bands as well as giving more established acts a platform to play on.

After three years (under the Les-Fest brand), and having been held at two different locations, the organisers have found the true home for the festival at Wiston Lodge, South Lanarkshire and are currently pushing towards a larger and even more inclusive event.

In order to do this, a Kickstarter campaign has been initiated to offer a range of unique and exciting ways for festival goers to offer their much loved and appreciated support - whether they give £1.00 or £1000.00, every single penny will go to offer everyone a greater Wildfire experience year on year.

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Wildfire organiser Dave Ritchie explained "There is a now notorious festival that for its inaugural event set up a crowd funding page and raised over £60,000. Sadly for many if not all pledgers they will not see that money returned. When the festival then collapsed a few weeks ago, the timing could not have been worse. It was a bold and ambitious project that I am sorry to say never worked out and I feel genuinely sorry for fans and bands that no doubt lost a lot of money.

"At that time I was looking into the crowd funding route and I knew this could put people off - but WildFire is different! Currently funded entirely by ticket sales and myself, we have a 3 year track record of running a successful event. Moving to Wiston Lodge has increased both overheads and opportunities.

Dave Ritchie

"So I have launched a twenty eight day Kickstarter Campaign. By pledging to Wildfire you can gain a number of unique items (a full list of which can be seen on the Kickstarter page below), and help me develop the festival into the occasion and event it should be.

"All money raised will be invested back into the festival, for better amenities and facilities, a marketing campaign and ultimately bigger bands that will help to establish YOUR event.

"Be assured the event is going ahead anyway, but by pledging and sharing, with all Rock and Metal fans across the globe, who knows what kind of festival Wildfire could be. Remember that every single pound will help to make Wildfire grow so please pledge whatever you can and ask your friends to do the same".

Dave's project will be funded until Thursday 11st September, but in the first three hours of the campaign being active over £1,600 had already been raised, to which he said he was "truly humbled" by the response so far.

Wildfire Festivals Kickstarter Campaign can be found here:

Les-Fest 4: Wildfire
Wiston Lodge
Millrig Road
South Lanarkshire
ML12 6HT

Les-Fest 4: Wildfire Online:
Official Website:

The accompanying video on the Kickstarter page was produced by Colin Wood Media


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