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12th May 2014


We reported on 22nd May 2012 (here) that talks had taken place with a view to re-forming Helloween's classic 'Keeper Of The Seven Keys' line up of Michael Kiske on vocals, Kai Hansen on guitar along with long term band members guitarist Michael Weikath and bassist Marcus Grosskopf.

This reformation was scheduled to happen in 2015 but it looks as though this will now not take place as a MetalTalk source informed us: "Well, now I can tell you. Yes, it was Kiske. He had said yes and apparently Helloween had agreed with it too. Some shit happened with Helloween's management."

This happened a month or so before the Brazilian leg of the Helloween Hellish tour II with Gamma Ray as special guests for two days only; November 30th 2013 in Rio and December 1st in São Paulo.

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The local producer posted on his Facebook profile: "We have a surprise for the Brazilian leg of the tour that will blow people's minds. This surprise is something that you would never imagine happening." Eventually the post was deleted.

Helloween announced a new album, 'Straight Out Of Hell' (2013) and during an interview before the release of the album Andi Deris said that a reunion could happen if all parties were interested. Read what Andi said here.

After that the Hellish Tour II with Gamma Ray was announced then Helloween were confirmed for Rock In Rio 2013 with Kai Hansen as very special guest, which confirmed that Weiki and Hansen were on good terms again. Click here.


So this looks like the end of the 'Kiske back in Helloween' saga but as Andi Deris said in his interview with us: "You never know..."

Unisonic will definitely be back though! Kiske has just announced on his Facebook page a snippet of the forthcoming EP called 'For The Kingdom' which is out on May 23rd and you can listen to it here:


This EP consists of the brand new album track 'For The Kingdom', which hymn-like chorus and double-bass footwork extraordinaire and will rush the blood to the head of all Metal fans.

Followed by the EP exclusive 'You Come Undone', which could have been included on the first band offering and gives a hint of what to expect in the near future plus four live recordings from their show at the Masters Of Rock Festival 2012 in the Czech Republic where Unisonic performed a celebrated show, also exclusive to this EP.

A new album, yet untitled, will be out on July 25th.


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