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9th June 2014

red dragon cartel

Just after MetalTalk reported late last night that Red Dragon Cartel's Wolverhampton gig had been cancelled, the band made a barbed official statement denying the reasons for the cancellation made by the promoter without actually addressing the main issue.

Metal Music Bookings put out a statement on Sunday evening saying that "the Jake E Lee Red Dragon Cartel show in Wolverhampton was cancelled tonight because of the actions of Jake E Lee and his entourage and due to a serious visa irregularity with his tour party. A solution was offered to Jake which would have allowed the show to go ahead, but he refused.

"Jake E Lee's American girlfriend is in the UK on a tourist visa but has been working in London and Nottingham shows, helping to sell merchandise and stating that she has taken over management of the band from the previous management company. Neither of these is permitted on a tourist visa.

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"The show could not go ahead under these circumstances as it is a criminal offence for a US citizen to work in the UK without the correct visa. Allowing the shows to go ahead with her working would have put the Metal Music Bookings and the promoters in contravention of UK law. When she was asked to leave the premises she and Jake E Lee refused.

The band responded early on Monday morning with the following:

"Regrettably the Jake E Lee Red Dragon Cartel show in Wolverhampton was cancelled last night due to the sole actions of one individual: Denise Dale.

Firstly, any or all claims faulting Jake E Lee, The Red Dragon Cartel and/or it's crew for the cancellation of the Wolverhampton show is categorically false and untrue. Secondly, Jake E Lee and the band, looking forward to playing the show, had loaded in gear, and prepared for soundcheck when Denise Dale arrived at the venue.

"She harassed The Red Dragon Cartel's tour manager and guitar tech, demanding they leave and threatened arrest based on groundless empty claims.

"The aforementioned former booking agent for the Red Dragon Cartel, had taken philosophical differences between herself and a close personal friend of Jake's, which resulted in a series of unprofessional, childish actions by Mrs Dale.

"Mrs Dale was given multiple opportunities and solutions to defuse the situation. She refused and chose to escalate matters.

"This is the ONLY reason this show did not happen. She, along with the consent of the club management, cancelled the show for no other reason other than a petty personal dispute. PERIOD. We again apologize to the all our fans, especially the ones who took time from work and drove in from out of town. We also wish Mrs Dale good luck with her diminishing career as a booking agent.

"And to reconfirm her immature and juvenile actions, she will be posting and reposting her false statement all over and over again."



Metal Music Management and Bookings had further comment to add.

"Following our statement below regarding the Jake E Lee Red Dragon Cartel show cancellation at Wolverhampton, another Promoter has now cancelled the Buckley, The Tivoli Venue show on 13 June 2014, see

"It is not in our interest to cancel any shows for any of our Artists, the shows are cancelled by Promoters for reasons outlined."

MetalTalk can also confirm that Gilby Clarke's gig at the Buckley, Tivoli on June 15th is now also cancelled. It is not clear if this is related to the Red Dragon Cartel saga.

MetalTalk understands that the band's scheduled appearance at Download Festival is now in jeopardy over the visa irregularities. Shows in Glasgow and Newcastle had already been cancelled after it was announced that Jake E Lee had to return to America on important business affairs, although rumours do persist that this was due to poor ticket sales and the expensive price of tickets.

The band did play London and Nottingham on the 6th and 7th and you can see a clip from the London show right here where it is clear Jake E Lee has lost none of his trademark spark.

Red Dragon Cartel's eponymous album is out now on Frontiers Records.


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