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16th April 2015

iron maiden

After the success of the highly rated encyclopaedic book, 'Outside Iron Maiden' (reviewed here), the author and organisers hatched a plan to compile an album of artists who share the same connection: all have one or more members who played a part in the making of Iron Maiden.

Here's the full lowdown on this exciting project from the creators:

"As soon as we presented our plans to these artists we received some really enthusiastic responses and it is only with their cooperation could we bring this to being. Many of the artists featured on this release are still writing, recording and performing today, and don't want their own success depending on the success of Iron Maiden. That's why this release is being strictly limited to 250 CD and 250 vinyl copies only.

"As a read through 'Outside Iron Maiden' will show, these artists have continued to work hard at their music over the last 30 years (and still counting). So, if you haven't heard their material before and like what you hear please support them. Contact details are included in the track listing notes; and most importantly tell all your mates!"

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Artwork for this special release is made by Gareth Mell from King Among Men. The artwork has references to the artists or songs on this album.

Most of the tracks are very rare and some of them had to be transferred to digital format because they were still on the original tape.


1) Bob Sawyer: 'Space Boogie Pt.1' (Previously unreleased)
Bob played guitar with Iron Maiden from late 1976 until the summer of 1977. This track will be released on CD only.

2) Airforce: 'War Games' (Previously unreleased)
Featuring Doug Sampson on drums. Doug played with Iron Maiden from November 1978 until December 1979. He even did some recordings with Maiden on the 'Metal For Muthas' compilation album and of course the famous 'Soundhouse Tapes'.

3) Crimzon Lake: 'Guilty' (Only available on rare self released EP)
Featuring the first Iron Maiden singer Paul Mario Day. He started with Maiden in 1975 until September 1976.

4) Thunderstick : 'Thunder Thunder' (Previously unreleased)
Featuring Barry "Thunderstick" Purkis. Barry played drums with Maiden from September 1977 until mid-1978. After that he became famous as the drummer in Samson. Digitally transferred and remastered especially for this album.

5) Lizard: 'On The Run' (Only available on rare selfreleased album)
Featuring first Iron Maiden guitarist Terry Rance. Terry started with Maiden in 1975 until November 1976.

6) Architects Of Chaoz: 'When Murder Comes To Town' (available on their own album 'The League Of Shadows' that will be released on 29th May 2015)
Featuring Paul Di'Anno on vocals. Paul was singer with Maiden from November 1978 until September 1981. He famously recorded the first two albums with Maiden.

7) Chris Declercq: 'A Miracle Away' (previously only available as download)
Featuring Blaze Bayley on vocals. Blaze sang with Maiden from 1994 until 1999 and recorded two albums with Maiden: 'The X-Factor' and 'Virtual XI'.

8) Samson: 'The Shuffle' (1977 demo, previously unreleased)
Featuring Clive Burr on drums. Clive played with Maiden from December 1979 until the end of 1982. He recorded the first three albums with Maiden. This track was transferred and remastered especially for this album by long-time Samson associate Rob Grain at the WAITING! Room. Clive died in 2013 suffering from M.S.

9) Tony Moore: 'Rockstars Don't Retire' (previously only available as download)
Tony played keyboards with Maiden in 1977. After a few months rehearsal and only one concert they decided that keyboards didn't do it for Iron Maiden at that time. Tony went on and became famous playing with the Cutting Crew. He recorded this song some time ago but took it off the shelf after the 1977 Iron Maiden line-up had a reunion in February of this year with only Steve Harris missing.

Visit the webstore at to buy the CD, the LP, a print of the artwork (A2 size) or a combination of these.

A part of the proceeds of this album will be donated to the M.S Action fund, in memory of Clive Burr.

The book 'Outside Iron Maiden' is still available at

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