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15th January 2016

lemmy motorhead
Düsseldorf, 17th November 2015

The greatest rock n' roll band in history, Motörhead, may sadly be over following the tragic passing of iconic frontman Lemmy Kilmister on 28th December 2015, however it has been far from quiet from a news point of view.

Many campaigns were started when the news of Lemmy's passing was announced including one to rename a Jack Daniel's and Coke to "A Lemmy". An online petition has so far attracted more than 43,000 signatures and US-based retailer Atlantic City Bottle Company selected a Jack Daniel's barrel for release to "celebrate 40 years of the loudest rock band on this planet".

288 bottles of the resulting Motörhead Limited Edition: Special Jack Daniel's Selected Single Barrel Whiskey were made available at US$99 and sold out almost immediately.

Whether the drink is officially renamed or not doesn't seem to matter in London because during our drinking expeditions since Lemmy's memorial service last Saturday, everywhere we have been, rock/metal bar or not, every member of bar staff knows without hesitation what we are requesting.

Lemmy was a force of nature and the very essence of Heavy Metal, even though he repeatedly stated that Motörhead were rock n' roll, i.e. not Heavy Metal, and it is definitely fitting that the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry recommended that one of the four new discovered Heavy Metals in the Periodic table is named Lemmium.

So far the petition has attracted over 148,000 signatures and you can read more and sign the petition here.

Unfortunately, there are some charlatans out there who are tring to make financial gain from Lemmy's passing and the band put out a message on their Official Facebook page which read:

"We have honestly been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love for Lemmy from everyone everywhere. Sadly, we have also been upset to see bootleggers wasting no time getting in on the act and exploiting the situation. We have subsequently realized that you want to commemorate him by getting something, so we are going to do our best to supply that officially. Here is a shirt to start with, we hope you like it, and we will endeavor to offer more in the future, and please let us know what you would like to see."

You can buy this shirt and all other OFFICIAL merchandise at

One eBay seller is offering a VIP pass from last Saturday night's funeral service for sale at US$150. The United States based seller is called "sequestered", has been an eBay member since March 9th 2013 and has 248 positive reviews and only one negative one. Well he gets a big negative from us because while what he is doing is not illegal, it is most certainly immoral.

On a happier note, guitarists Phil Campbell and Fast Eddie Clarke have been active on social media this last few days. Neither were able to make it to LA for the funeral and both offered perfectly understandable reasons as to why, even though no explanation was required at all.

Eddie couldn't get a visa in time due to "past sins" while Phil was ordered by his doctors not to fly due to his recent hospitalisation which caused the cancellation of the Scandinavian leg of what was to become Motörhead's final tour last month.

Eddie has posted a letter he received from Lemmy some years ago on his Official Facebook page which requires no further comment at all. In light of his passing, it really is poignant.


Phil has been very active on Twitter and has been asking for photos from what was to become the band's final gig in Berlin on December 11th 2015. If you have any, you can send them to Phil via his Twitter, @MotorheadPhil.

It had become a "tradition" for Lemmy and Phil to link fingers at the end of every gig and one photo has emerged from Berlin and it's of the fingers.

However, Phil always stood to the right of Lemmy to do this and here's what he tweeted when this picture emerged: "This is from our last ever show... ain't it weird how it was the first time I ever went to his left for the finger..."

Video footage has emerged of Lemmy's final ever moments on stage and you can see it here.

Mikkey Dee paid tribute to Lemmy by performing a couple of Motörhead songs with an all-star lineup of musicians during Wednesday night's (January 13th 2016) "Ultimate Jam Night" at Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood, California.

Joining Mikkey on stage were Carla Harvey (Butcher Babies), Ira Black (Lizzy Borden, Death Division), Christian Martucci (Stone Sour), Jason Christopher (Prong, Corey Taylor) and Todd Youth (Danzig). Here's a couple of videos from the night.

We hope to see Phil and Mikkey back in full-time action as soon as possible, as well as hopefully Fast Eddie and all the other surviving band members; Lucas Fox, Larry Wallis, Brian Robertson and Pete Gill.

Unfortunately, this month's UK tour, also featuring Saxon and Girlschool has been cancelled. We were hoping that at least the Hammersmith dates would go ahead as a tribute to Lemmy and Phil Taylor but it isn't to be. However, we do know that some fabulous tribute gigs are in the planning right now. More on this to follow.

And finally, for now, Lemmy has been immortalized in the form of a character in Grand Theft Auto V. You can now play the game as Lemmy himself and can do things that Lemmy enjoyed including smoking, drinking and playing bass.

There is even the option to spawn prostitutes who follow Lemmy around, if you're into that sort of thing.

"I am the voice of broken glass
I am the voice to drive you mad at last
I am the truth, the liar turned around."

Motörhead for life. Lemmy forever.


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