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30th March 2016

white miles

Tyrolean Rock-Duo White Miles - Medina Rekic (guitar/vocals) Hansjörg Loferer/Lofi (drums) - signed a worldwide deal with Long Branch Records/SPV recently and we are delighted to bring you the premiere of their new album 'The Duel' which is out in April.

They're currently touring Europe with Eagles of Death Metal and Blues Pills but will be over in the UK this may to play their first headline show in London and also perform at this year's Great Escape Festival.

Here's the official album trailer:

The first-listen stream has now ended - watch out for the official album release on April 1st. This is what you will hear...

Sickly Nerves:
Sickly Nerves is a smooth, but aggressive song, characterized by the changing vocal parts, visually explained by a wavy ship cruise through dirty water. A friendly game between the instruments, but the lyric part of the song chokes out the feeling from deep down on the ground. The song is a sexy hardcore cognition.

In The Mirror:
This song was written in 2011, in the year White Miles was born. It was the most played live song, which changed in the years, clarifying guitar and drum parts, vocal melodies and other feelings attached to the song. Now is its perfect time for the second record, also including Micko Larkin on second guitar.

Crazy Horse:
This song turns out to be the first single of the album. The drumgroove is so catchy and variable in this track, playing with the guitar and the vocals. It's a signature White Miles song that makes us love to perform it, because it feels so natural. The lyrics give you a hard time, if you have ever been trapped in a situation like that, not learning from it, but staying greedy for more.

Insane To The Bone:
Like a cat in the night, the listener crawls smoothly through the song. The guitar mixes a bass melody with an itchy, but mellow guitar fill. While the drums carry a groovy and sexy playing style in the verse parts, but exploding in the breaks and catching up with the angelic vocals featuring our friend Jodi.

A Good Pennyworth:
We are getting into a deep poetic feeling, lyrically, a non-formal poem. Trippy and bluesy in the sound, combined with a distorted voice. This song takes you definitely to a signature one by white miles. Rough, straight guitar with rolling drums and a rock n roll bridge leading you back to the main riff.

Coke On A Jetplane:
This is the only acoustic song on the album, having a nice acoustic guitar with an awesome vintage drum n' percussion set-up. Both are singing on this track, which gives it also a new touch on this record. Singing a happy moody theme about a relationship, with loads of space for interpretation.

A(n) Garde:
This is probably the heaviest song of the album. No time to breath for White Miles or the crowd, live as well as on the record. Due to the fact that we toured with some stoner rock bands, we totally came up with a song like that, pushing each other, the whole time through - especially in the bridge part that takes us back to the title. It's like a fencing bout.

'Heid' is a non-typical structured song, very short, but direct in the message. First ever White Miles song where the drummer sings the lyrics himself. The Lyrics are about an odyssey with a woman. She brought chaos all over, combined with emotional pain. Torturously trapping through the verses, but opening up in the chorus part without vocals. The end is the end.

Don't You Know Him:
You won't get to hear a classical songtext, nor an instrument. This is a statement telling about a known person, not a friend. Questions and thoughts bring it to the point. There is nothing more to say, the shitfucker won't hear it anyways.

River of Gold:
The song's Verse section is straight played by drums and guitar, followed by a young voice, explaining the feelings of a woman. Leaning back at the bridge part and screaming its lungs out at the outro. The chorus is a rollercoaster signatured by its drum parts and the – little bit - delayed guitar riff and the vocal line.

Keep Your Trippin' Wild:
This track gives a shout to your sins, lusts, passions and troubles whom you can't leave behind. But at the same time you know it's distracting you and killing you deep inside. All this is packed in a positive title – keep your tripping wild, which is taking you far away in the outro, stopping, not stopping, going on with all your fantasies, frustrations but intense moods that you just wanna let go. From the first hit to the end – it's clear which message it will give you.

white miles

"White Miles have rocked European stages constantly throughout the last years and presented their driven rock n' roll sound in front of thousands of music lovers. We're excited to work with Medina and Lofi and are happy that both have chosen Long Branch Records as their future home," said Long Branch Records A&R/PM Manuel Schoenfeld.

In the past two years White Miles have toured Europe with Eagles Of Death Metal, Blues Pills, The Answer, Courtney Love, John Garcia and Truckfighters. And the story goes on as the band is already back on tour supporting Eagles Of Death Metal. Shows with Blues Pills and headliner tours throughout Germany, The Netherlands and Austria will follow up.

Around fifty dates are already confirmed until the end of May. Right in time for their headliner shows White Miles will release their second studio album on April 1st in Europe and April 15th in North America. 'The Duel' is produced by Micko Larkin (Courtney Love, Hole).

The first single, 'Crazy Horse', is out now and available as download and stream. And here's the video...

Tracklisting – 'The Duel'

1. Sickly Nerves
2. In The Mirror
3. Crazy Horse
4. Insane to the Bone
5. A Good Pennyworth
6. Coke on a Jetplane
7. A(N) Garde
8. Heid
9. Don't you know him (MEMO)
10. River of Gold
11. Keep Your Trippin' Wild

UK Shows

Wednesday 18th May Proud, Camden
Thursday 19th May The Great Escape Festival, Brighton


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