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17th May 2016

phil taylor motorhead

Several items from the estate of late Motörhead drummer Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor are being auctioned via The Saleroom web site.

Amongst the items are rare collectibles including many pieces of musical equipment that Phil used in Motörhead, the backdrop from the 1916 Motörhead world tour, an original running order list and script including lyrics for Motörhead's September 1978 appearance on the Top Of The Pops, two separate police/court documents from 1976 and 1978 relating to Phil's arrests and previously unseen and unpublished photographs featuring a very young Philthy in his teenage years.

There is also lots of 'Bomber' memorabilia, an original promotional poster for Motörhead's 1977 debut album, the original 'Iron Fist' as featured on the cover of the 1982 album which is made from resin and fibreglass plus books, tour programs, concert tickets and newspaper cuttings.

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Phil was Motörhead drummer from 1975 to 1984 and again from 1987 to 1992 and appeared on the band's first seven studio albums, up to and including 1983s 'Another Perfect Day'. On his return to the band, he played on 'Rock 'n' Roll' (1987), 'Nö Sleep At All' (1988), '1916' (1991) and the track 'I Ain't No Nice Guy' from 1992s 'March Ör Die'.

'March Ör Die' features three drummers: Philthy, Tommy Aldridge (Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne) and Mikkey Dee who remained permanently in the band until the end came some twenty-three years later.

In the Motörhead documentary The Guts And The Glory, Mikkey speaks about taking the place of fan favourite Philthy: "I had two options: I had to either replace him or join the band. I could not replace him... I had to join the band and do my shit. I had to change the band, I had to play differently, look differently, just be different. Either I got accepted or I didn't... I can overplay these songs... I can do drums all over these songs and show how damn good I am, you know, with a million fuckin' things, but that's not Motörhead... I like to keep it really straight and heavy... Less is a lot more in a band like this.."

Phil sadly passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61. It was later revealed that liver failure was cited as the cause of his death.

"Fast" Eddie Clarke said of his former bandmate via Facebook: "My dear friend and brother passed away last night.

"He had been ill for sometime but that does not make it any easier when the time finally comes. I have known Phil since he was 21 and he was one hell of a character. Fortunately we made some fantastic music together and I have many many fond memories of our time together. Rest in Peace, Phil!"

Lemmy told Classic Rock that he was "devastated" to have lost one of his best friends.

"I'm feeling very sad at the moment, in fact devastated because one of my best friends died yesterday. I miss him already. His name was Phil Taylor, or Philthy Animal, and he was our drummer twice in our career. Now he's died and it really pisses me off that they take somebody like him and leave George Bush alive. So muse on that.

"We're still going, we're still going strong, it's just first Wurzel and now Philthy, it's a shame man. I think this rock'n'roll business might be bad for the human life."

Lemmy himself passed away less than seven weeks after Phil, on 28th December 2015.

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