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20th May 2016


We're dancing around the office this sunny Friday afternoon because the Gods Of Heavy Metal have spoken and we really like what they have said!

German epic Metal pioneers Equilibrium have announced a European tour for September/October in support of their brand-new opus, 'Armageddon', which is relesaed on August 12th via Nuclear Blast Records.

The tour will hit London on 3rd October and also on the bill are MetalTalk favourites Heidevolk and Finsterforst.

Epic melodic death virtuosos Nothgard, including Equilibrium's Dom R Crey on guitar, will also be on some of the dates but will not be on the London bill.

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Heidevolk released their last album, 'Velua', just over a year ago and for a taste of what they are all about, you can read the album review right here.

At the time we asked Heidevolk bass player Rowan when we could expect to see the Dutch Folk Metallers in England: "England is definitely in the planning for this year. Since we all work day jobs it is hard to do more than one big tour a year so we will have to find a suitable weekend in October or November for three to four shows across the UK. We already did a few shows in England a few years ago, also with Heidenfest in 2010. It is a shame that Paganfest didn't hit London this year. I know we have a lot of fans in England. We'll find a way to get there this year!"

You can read the whole interview right here.

It's a shame the London gig is on a Monday as if it had been a Sunday Heidevolk would have probably abandoned their tour bus and arrived at the Underworld on a mastodon instead. If you have no clue as to what we are talking about here, hit play on this and then get your tickets for October 3rd booked.

Finsterforst were awarded 'Best New Band' of 2015 by our Editor, who said: "Finsterforst by a country mile. The album 'Mach Dich Frei' made a huge impression on me and might even have featured more in this article if Ensiferum had taken a year off. [Ensiferum won all of the other awards]."

You can read our review of 'Mach Dich Frei' right here and find out all about the Black Forest Metallers who played their first ever gig in Britain at the Warhorns Festival in Selby on 19th September last year. They are also booked for Hammerfest in North Wales on 23rd to 26th March 2017.

Here's the title track of 'Mach Dich Frei'. It's refreshing to see a Metal video which actually contains really good acting, although it is a very dirty video. Turn it up, all the way to eleven!!

Equilibrium guitarist, composer and lyricist René Berthiaume spent almost two years working on the new opus 'Armageddon'. The result is rather dark, yet it retains the bombast and folk elements of the previous records.

This time, the album was recorded, mixed and produced by René himself and was mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Los Angeles). The cover artwork was again created by Skadi Rosehurst.

René states: "Once more, Skadi created a wonderful piece of art, which captures the more darker atmosphere of 'Armageddon' perfectly. As on the album, you can discover a lot of details in the artwork as well. Skadi's style - traditionally drawn motifs become one overall picture digitally - fits marvellously to our music. Again and again, it's an exciting feeling if the music becomes even more concrete and livelier by the artwork."

And on the tour: "We're really looking forward to tour Europe once again after two years. Our new album has become extremely wicked; now we want to cement this fact live as well. We're also happy about Heidevolk, Finsterforst and Nothgard joining us on this run. I think the fans can look forward to exciting and diverse shows, packed with epic, pagan and melodic death Metal!"

Here's a couple of videos that serve as a great inroduction to Equilibrium. YouTube viewer Hx13492 commented after listening to 'Blut Im Auge': "My beard just grew an extra two inches in less than five minutes."

So see you at The Underworld on October 3rd for a rousing evening of Drankgelag.

Armageddon - Europe 2016, presented by: Legacy,, Noizeletter, Nuclear Blast, RockHard, RTN Touring
w/ Heidevolk, Finsterforst, Nothgard
22.09. D Nürnberg - Hirsch
24.09. D Leipzig - Hellraiser
25.09. CZ Prague - Nova Chmelnice
26.09. A Wien - Szene
28.09. PL Cracov - Kwadrat*
29.09. PL Warsaw - Progresja*
30.09. D Berlin - Bi Nuu
01.10. D Bochum - Matrix
02.10. NL Eindhoven - Dynamo
03.10. UK London - Underworld*
05.10. F Paris - Divan Du Monde*
06.10. F Rennes - Antipode*
07.10. F Toulouse - Metronum*
08.10. E Madrid - Arena*
09.10. E Barcelona - Razzmatazz 2*
10.10. F Lyon - CCO Villeurbanne*
11.10. CH Pratteln - Z7
12.10. B Vosselaar - Biebob
13.10. F Colmar - Grillen
14.10. D Karlsruhe - Substage
15.10. D München - Backstage
16.10. A Dornbirn - Conrad Sohm
*without Nothgard

More Equilibrium dates:
24.06. FIN Nummijärvi - Nummirock
13.07. H Dunaujvaros - Rockmaraton Festival
14.07. D Balingen - Bang Your Head!!! Festival
15.07. D Neukirchen-Vluyn - Dong Open Air
05.08. D Wacken - Wacken Open Air
11.08. E Villena - Leyendas Del Rock
12.08. D Schlotheim - Party.San Open Air
17.08. D Dinkelsbühl - Summer Breeze
20.08. S Falun - Sabaton Open Air

More details on the new Equilibrium album coming soon.


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