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11th June 2016: 7.36pm

triple h
Triple H with the 'Spirit Of Lemmy' Award. Picture courtesy of WWE UK

At Download Festival this afternoon, Megadeth were joined on the Lemmy Stage by Nikki Sixx for a version of the Sex Pistols classic 'Anarchy In The UK' which both Megadeth and Motley Crue released versions of, Crue on the compilation album 'Decade Of Decadence' in 1991 and Megadeth on their 1988 album 'So Far, So Good... So What'.

After their performance, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine presented wrestler Triple H with the first Spirit Of Lemmy award which was met by a great reception from the crowd.

Triple H was clearly honoured and humbled and said: "The fact is, I'm like every one of you - I'm a Metalhead man and I have been since I was a kid. The real fact is I can feel Lemmy here right now, sitting in that big, dark cloud over there, drinking Jack and Coke probably.

"The spirit of Lemmy is this fucking crowd, right here... the spirit of Lemmy will never die... because of you!"

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iron maiden
Megadeth rock the Lemmy Stage. Picture courtesy of Marshall Amps

During a live performance of 'Anarchy In The UK' at a 1988 show in Antrim, Northern Ireland, Mustaine drunkenly and confusedly dedicated the song to "the cause" of "giving Ireland back to the Irish!"

Before the encores began, Mustaine said: "Give Ireland back to the Irish! This one's for The Cause - Anarchy in Ireland!" This elicited a near riot and fighting between Catholics and Protestants among the audience and the band were booed loudly by the primarily loyalist crowd.

Megadeth had to travel in a bulletproof bus for the remainder of the dates in Northern Ireland and the Republic Of Ireland.

Mustaine later said that he had been misled by t-shirt bootleggers about the meaning of the expression "the cause". This incident served as inspiration for the song 'Holy Wars... The Punishment Due'.

MetalTalk editor Steve Göldby was actually at that 1988 Antrim gig as he was serving in the UK Forces in Northern Ireland at the time and said: "I'll never forget it. The band were superb, as were support band Sanctuary, and we appreciated it all the more as we didn't get many bands coming to NI at that time.

"Megadeth finished the gig and came back for encores and Mustaine was topless and draped in a white towel. I read somewhere a few years later that he had "shot up" during the break between gig and encores and he started spouting off about "the cause" and a riot nearly broke out when he said 'give Ireland back to the Irish'.

"Heavy Metal gigs were officially off limits to Armed Forces members after that so thanks for fucking up our social lives Dave.

"I saw Megadeth again around four months later at my first ever Donington in 1988 wheh Iron Maiden headlined and they played 'Anarchy In The UK' there too and when he sang the lines 'Is this the MPLA, Or is this the UDA, Or is this the IRA', I just thought 'fuck you Mustaine' and refused to watch the rest of his set.

"But I've met him since and he's very much a totally decent guy who really had no idea what he was saying at the time and all is well and truly forgiven. And he's publicly apologised to the people of Antrim since.

"But he can still buy me a beer at Monday's Golden Gods to make up for getting us confined to barracks after the Antrim incident."


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