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12th June 2016

amon amarth
Viking ships come out of the mist, Ominous sight...

Amon Amarth have just absolutely smashed the Lemmy Stage with a truly blistering performance as Download Festival organisers and staff and local police forces work hard to try and clear the horrendous traffic backlog that has developed around the Castle Donington site today as thousands descend on the site to see Iron Maiden's only UK performance of 2016.

Additional entrances to the South Car Park have been opened but Twitter is still in overdrive with dozens of seriously disgruntled festival goers being very vocal about the delays.

Micheál Éoin Scott, who had travelled from Ireland, said: "Still in major traffic on A453 and we had a vote and we're now going fuckin' home... what a bag of shite! See ya next year."

James Sandy enquired: "What's going on with the traffic? Stuck in gridlock for one hour now and not moving!" while Fran Clements ‏remarked: "Good chance we're gonna miss one of the three bands we came to see today because nobody can even get in to the car park!!!!"

Lauren May was equally frustrated, saying: "Missed half the bands we paid £200 to see, been stuck for two hours now. Fucking ridiculous."

Festival organisers are communicating with fans and stated: "We've opened up additional entrances to South Car Park. We're working as fast as we can to get you off the roads."

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As well as the traffic problems, the weather is playing havoc with the festival. Torrential rain has turned the main campsite into something resembling the Somme but the press campsite is largely unaffected. Thunderstorms are forecast for this evening.

Our live reporting team just fed this back to us: "Lots of things to be impressed with here but definitely not impressed with no walkways anywhere and how they allow it to get like this. How elf and safety haven't closed it God only knows. It is truly horrendous and takes a lot of physical effort just to walk in it. No walkways or anything to get to the disabled viewing platforms and don't know how anyone with mobility issues is coping."

amon amarth
Slashing, killing, thrashing, spilling, blood for honour, death and glory!

Amon Amarth have totally won over the massive Download crowd with comments arriving thick and fast from those lucky enough to have witnessed some epic Viking Metal on a Sunday lunchtime. Here's a selection of our favourites:

"They were fucking epic! Can't hear a thing now but it was worth it!" Panthers6233Sam

"Amon Amarth was beast!" Adam Smith

"Amon Amarth just slayed #DL2016 in true Viking style. Deserved to be much further up the bill." Blockley

"Amon Amarth just invaded the main stage at @DownloadFest and killed it! Horns in the air! Hellblazer Rage

"Amon Amarth killed it!! One of the greatest shows I saw here!!" Benedikt Stehr

"Amon Amarth were fucking incredible. Best band I've seen so far this weekend." Rose

Meanwhile backstage, legendary DJ, presenter, album sleeve designer and teller of fantastical anecdotes, Krusher Joule is reliving memories of festivals past and this is one story we just had to share:

"Now we're in the age of controlled rock n' roll I doubt I'll ever see this again. Pantera's dressing room, first afternoon of the US Ozzfest 2000, four hours before they actually took to the stage!

A vulgar display of partying...

"When the manager of the venue came in during the after show party, when we were ankle deep in water from the destroyed toilet and having one hell of a good time... cough... he walked out, returned fifteen minutes later and announced that he'd emailed every other venue on the tour advising them to not allow Pantera to have a dressing room.

"The tour manager pulls him to one side and asks how much he needs for damages, to which he replied $5,000! Tour manager opens up his briefcase which is loaded with cash, starts pulling out neatly wrapped bundles of it, banging each bundle down with force on the remaining table politely saying: 'One thousand, two thousand, three thousand, four thousand, five thousand, six thousand... seven thousand! Now fuck off and send another email to those venues and tell them what obliging Southern gentlemen we are!'

"Moments like that are irreplaceable and I doubt I'll see anything similar at Download this weekend."

Click here for our review of Black Sabbath's headline performance last night. Tonight's Iron Maiden review will be online just before 11.00pm.


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