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30th June 2016

king of the north

MetalTalk are very proud to bring you today the official premiere of the new Kings Of The North single and video 'Burn', which you can see right here.

'Burn' is from the new King Of The North album, 'Get Out Of Your World', which is released tomorrow, July 1st 2016.

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Sometimes it can be deceiving when your ears just can't believe what your eyes are telling them. King Of The North are one of those cases: their riff-driven, hook-laden and groove-oriented rock music suggests to the listener a traditional five-piece line-up.

In reality, there are only two musicians at work here – a vocalist/guitarist and a drummer. Still the sound produced by this Australian powerhouse duo features everything that characterises multi-layered rock music, in other words: vocals, two guitars, a bass, and drums.

king of the north

All at the same time and all live, even at the studio. The explanation: using the self-developed, innovative three-from-one pedal, Andrew Higgs triples the input signal and playing options of his guitar, creating the bass, lead and rhythm guitar sounds at once.

By adding drums, on this album played by Danny Leo or Lucius Borich, it rounds off the complete sound. Anybody doubting my words should watch and listen to this phenomenon themselves, because King Of The North celebrate their sonic extravaganza on stage in exactly the same way as they do on their albums.

Andrew Higgs told us: "I teamed up with legendary Australian Prog Rock drummer Lucius Borich to record a song for the new album. It came out so good I had to make it the first single.

"It takes KOTN into new territory and has some of the heaviest parts on a KOTN song ever. It's rock, it's prog, it's a new genre, we call it Prock!"


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