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13th August 2016


Adam Darski, aka Nergal, and his band of Demigods bathed Bloodstocks Main Stage in brimstone and Hellfire on Saturday evening as they put on a devilishly great performance that will live long in the memory.

They say the Devil has all the best tunes but that's not strictly true as you'll find plenty on Behemoth's latest and greatest album, 2014s 'The Satanist', which they played in full for the first ever time in England last night.

With a stunning stage show that featured more fire than Pudding Lane in 1666, a brutal audio assault that purveyed a seriously dark and chilling atmosphere and a frontman who looks and sounds like he is Belial's right hand man, Behemoth captivated Bloodstock and ruled the day with a pentogramical defiance.

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Performing 'The Satanist' in full was a bold move but one that worked well, even in the English early evening before the darkness had descended. Nergal and his sons of Sheol created their own darkness and it was a beautiful thing to behold and so utterly powerful that every spell and scourge of God was obedient unto them.

Putting Venom on just before Behemoth was a piece of billing genius. We had the originators of Black Metal and the current masters of it in a three hour spell that would have made the Vatican crumble and crash to the ground, like Satan falling to earth after being cast out.


Akephalos did indeed shine through in a field in Derbyshire, England on Friday evening. Like a ray void ov the sun.

As well as Behemoth there were many other superb performances at Bloodstock on Friday with Venom, Evil Scarecrow and Stuck Mojo amongst the highlights. You can read all about the whole day right here.

You can follow today's events at Bloodstock right here.


"Like a day without the dawn
Like a ray void ov the sun
Like a storm that brings no calm
I'm most complete yet so undone"

'O Father O Satan O Sun!' from 'The Satanist' 2014




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