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14th August 2016


There is a very good and clear reason why Gojira have had so much attention recently and it was there for all to see on Bloodstocks Main Stage on Saturday evening.

"We want to change the world," said Joe Duplantier previously and early on in their stunning set last night they played 'The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe' and it was simply hypnotic.

They start like a steam train and end like a rollercoaster and unexpected opener 'Toxic Garbage Island' and second song 'L'Enfant Sauvage' had everyone under the French maestros spell while fourth track in, 'Silvera', just destroyed.

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Gojira hit emotions that other bands can't get close to, they talk about things that other bands, inside or outside Metal, don't talk about and they write songs that other bands can't even comprehend.

When you go to a Gojira show, expect impeccable stagemanship, dynamic musicianship and a thoroughly captivating performance.


The future of Heavy Metal is bright, it's French and it's in the hands of environmentalists. There is no other band in Metal reaching out to so many non-Metal people.

More power to Gojira, the band of this magnificent Bloodstock weekend so far.


As well as Gojira there were many other superb performances at Bloodstock on Saturday with Rotting Christ, The Heretic Order and Fear Factory amongst the highlights. You can read all about the whole day right here.

You can follow todays events at Bloodstock right here.



1. Toxic Garbage Island
2. L'Enfant Savage
3. The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe
4. Silvera
5. Stranded
6. Flying Whales
7. Wisdom Comes
8. Terra Inc.
9. Only Pain
10. Oroborus



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