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19th September 2016

the shockwaves

Queens-based rock trio The Shockwaves' new single 'Lies' is debuted here today on MetalTalk. The band will be celebrating the release on September 23rd at Pine Box Rock Shop where they will be joined by fellow rock'n'rollers The Hampton Brothers. Here's 'Lies' right here.

This driving, energetic, QOTSA reminiscent tune was inspired by an X-Files episode starring Bryan Cranston in which Cranston's character tears across the desert while evading authorities. While The Shockwaves worked on the track at Douglass Street Recordings in Gowanus, the lyrics evolved into a narrative on political turmoil and confusion.

The Shockwaves spent the summer in the studio hammering out new songs which will be released as a series of singles over the next few months, beginning with 'Lies'. These singles will culminate in an EP release in 2017.

the shockwaves

The band's first release, a self-titled EP from 2015, was recorded and produced by founding members, Keith and Eric. The EP is currently streaming on iTunes and here it is.

It was inevitable that The Shockwaves would form. Raised on the rock gods of the 60s and 70s, brothers Keith and Eric Walpole have been developing their sound since they were kids. Joined in 2015 by Jim Digirolamo on bass, the band has established themselves as focused on true, honest, and unplanned performances which are captured on their upcoming releases.

The Hampton brothers, Ethan and Justin James, were born and raised in Michigan and moved to New York in 2007. They have been playing together for over twelve years including everything from rock to funk and hip hop to jazz. Settling in Brooklyn, they found their sound in 2013 by coming home to the blues and soul they grew up on.

More from The Shockwaves in the coming weeks...

the shockwaves


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