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29th December 2016


In possibly the best tour news for 2017 so far, the late, great Ronnie James Dio will be hitting the road again and performing and representing several different eras of his stellar career.

The hologram version of Ronnie 'performed' at Wacken with Dio Disciples this August to mixed reaction but Ronnie's widow, Wendy, said the following after the Wacken Festival.

"I thought it was a really good idea, especially with Ronnie, because he was always into fantasy and theatrics and things that he loved to do, and he loved to bring, so I thought it was something that he probably would want to do. And it was something to keep his memory and his music alive.

"We went down into the pit to watch it. And I have seen it over and over again in rehearsals and so on and so forth, but actually seeing Ronnie up on stage with his band, I was brought to tears, as were all the fans that were near me. Because I was down in the pit, I could see the fans, and they were all enjoying it, but crying, and it was very, very emotional. But I think it was a lot of love. It was emotional with love.

"The fans in Germany were fantastic. They really got it, and they loved it. And I think you have to see it, really, to know what it's about. It's amazing. It's like having Ronnie back again, which is wonderful. It was very emotional. I didn't think that I was gonna cry, but I did. I broke down. And a lot of fans were there with me, and it was comforting that they were feeling the same thing I was feeling."

After Wacken, Eyellusion, the company that created the hologram, said they hoped it would be the first of many such shows and in a recent interview with Talking Metal, Eyellusion CEO Jeff Pezzuti said a 2017 tour is planned and there will be several different eras of Dio represented by the hologram.

"For the tour he's going to have different looks. [At Wacken] he was somewhere around 88, the 'Dream Evil' era. For this next tour we're going to be somewhere later than that for certain songs and maybe earlier than that for other songs.

"The tour will be an over-the-top mind blowing experience. We are going to have both live singers with Ripper Owen and Oni Logan as part of the show as well as Ronnie appearing throughout the show at different parts, some duets. It's going to be mind blowing from the fans perspective. We are going to bring album covers to life. We are going to bring things that are known to Ronnie to life onstage.

"Ronnie will be involved in each show from probably six to seven songs a night that he will be singing on. Some of the ones we can expect are 'We Rock', 'Holy Diver' and 'Rainbow In The Dark'.

Dates for the 2017 tour will presumably be announced soon, if you’re into that. Meanwhile, let us know what the think of the resurrection of RJD in the comments below as you watch footage of Hologram Dio’s “performance” at Wacken this past summer. Listen to the interview with Eyellusion CEO below as well.

Here's the full Talking Metal interview with Jeff Pezzuti.

Listen to "TM 641 Eyellusion CEO Jeff Pezzuti" on Spreaker.


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