20th April 2018

3rd floor

The latest edition of The 3rd Floor, Minnesota's top rock and Metal show, is The Rats Episode.

Wolf and Hollywood talk about Ghost's upcoming album and tour and play the new single, 'Rats', as well as music from Dimmu Borgir, The Dead Daisies, Three Days Grace, Salem's Lott, Junkyard and more, including chat on whether AC/DC should do an album with Axl Rose.

You can enjoy the show right here:

metaltalk radio

This week's Steve Göldby Talks Metal takes you down the road to Damascus with a whole host of new tracks, several of which are getting their first ever radio plays.

Ross The Boss, Statement, Stormzone, Blitzkrieg, Sunstorm, North Hammer, Riot V, Lords Of Black, Angra, Leaves Eyes and many more all have new material airing today, alongside the usual mix of classics and regular features. The show is available to listen to right here:

oliver dawson saxon

This week's You Spin Me Round show is a Record Store Day special, including an exclusive interview with Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson, original members of Saxon.

As well as hearing some tremendous stories and anecdotes from Steve and Graham, we review albums from Kino, Reigning Days and The Rocket Dolls with additional tracks from Motörhead, Kreator, Uriah Heep, Celtic Frost and Morbid Angel.

You Spin Me Round is MetalTalk's album review show featuring tracks that are being played for the first time with expert commentary by the top Metal reviewers around. The show is presented by Deputy Editor Liz Medhurst and is available to enjoy right here.

d_drive japanese metal
d_drive japanese metal


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