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12th January 2018


2018 sees Swedish Viking/Folk Metallers Grimner celebrate their 10th anniversary with the release of a new full-length album, 'Vanadrottning', which is out on Despotz Records on February 9th.

The first single, 'En Fallen Jätte', is released on December 15th and here's the video, premiering right here today on MetalTalk.

'Vanadrottning' has a heavier, more powerful and rhythmic sound, together with a fantastic new voice brought by Grimner's latest addition, Martin. Expect a dynamic, fresh and thrilling album with the band pushing the boundaries and taking their unique music to a new level.

With 'Vanadrottning' and their 10th anniversary celebrations, the Grimner Vikings continue their journey towards new adventures.

'Vanadrottning' translates to 'Queen of the Vanir', referring to the Goddess Gullveig from Norse mythology. She is known mostly from the tale of the war between the Aesir and the Vanir, when she was captured and burned alive by Oden and his herd. Each time they burned her she would be born anew, dying three times and resurrected three times, each time in immense agony.


The band tell us:

"This album has been an absolute joy to create, but like the Goddess Gullveig, we have also endured a great deal of pain for it. We hope you will love the album as much as we ourselves do!"

Grimner's lyrics revolve around Norse mythology, folklore, historical adventures of Vikings and life in the same era. With some songs dark and brooding and others fast, jovial and folkish, Grimner's music is as awesome as it is entertaining.


Grimner live in the UK
15th March: Hammerfest
16th March: Fulford Arms, York
17th March: The Angel Microbrewery, Nottingham
18th March: Nambucca, London

Grimner are:
Ted - Vocals & Lead Guitar
Martin - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
David - Bass Guitar
Kristoffer - Keyboards
Johan - Flutes, Mandola, Bagpipes
Henry - Drums


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