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16th February 2018

macc lads

The biggest rock music story of the century has broken. The Macc Lads are to reunite and play this year's Rebellion Festival and it's taking place in Blackpool of all places on 2nd to 5th August 2018.

We contacted Muttley McLad for comment but it's Friday and he was in The Bear's Head in Macclesfield and he just shouted the lyrics to this song down the phone at us:

Luckily The Macc Lads have made a post on Facebook today confirming the wonderful news and Rebellion organisers are promising a "full set of classics" from the legendary act:

Joining The Macc Lads at Rebellion Festival are the previously announced PiL (Public Image Limited), Stiff Little Fingers, Buzzcocks, The Exploited, Cockney Rejects, The Adicts, Peter Hook & The Light, Angelic Upstarts, Discharge, Ruts DC, UK Subs, The Wildhearts, Lagwagon and Slaughter & The Dogs and many, many more.

It's not clear at this stage whether PiL are still the headline act at Rebellion or whether they must now move gracefully aside for what will surely be an event as historically significant as Woodstock, Led Zeppelin at Knebworth or Live Aid.

The Macc Lads helped raise £1,000s for good causes when they took to the stage for a charity gig in The Bear's Head last May. It was their first public performance since 1995 and they formed a new punk band, F.I.L.F, for the occasion.

F.I.L.F was made up of original Macc Lads members Muttley (Tristan O'Neill), The Beater (Geoffrey Conning) and Stez Styx (Steve Hatton) plus no stranger to connoisseurs of Macc Lads lyrics, Chorley The Hord (Charles Moore). The line-up is completed by lead singer Bammy (Christopher Bamford), who designed the first Macc Lads album cover.

Muttley told the Macclesfield Express about F.I.L.F last year:

"It's never been the right time to get back together before now. We like doing gigs like this. We're playing the songs we liked when we were kids, like the Ramones and The Clash. We won't perform Macc Lads songs. We're too old, fat and bald now, but we won't be well behaved."

macc lads

That last gig in 1995 was also The Macc Lads' 500th and took place in Nottingham and Muttley said about the band's heydey in 2015:

"We were banned from playing everywhere. In one town it was the only time the Conservatives and Labour on the council were in agreement. Once I had a bag of hot sick thrown at me on stage.

"I wrote the lyrics and people can make of them what they will. They are all true stories from Macclesfield. It was the best job in the world. I wrote rude rhymes all day and got spat at all night."

So we'll be having a drink in every pub in (Blackpool) town this August and hoping we don't get a flat on the way to what will be the most culturally important event this country has experienced, ever.


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