25th February 2018


On November 9th 2016, Ministry's Al Jourgensen woke up feeling a little bit nauseous.

"Disgusted and depressed, We know the world is just a mess, Distortion of reality, The truth is under arrest... This is the twilight zone."

These are the opening lyrics to 'Twilight Zone', the lead off track from Ministry's forthcoming album, 'AmeriKKKant', which is due out on March 9th via Nuclear Blast.

But, as far as the man in the White House goes, Uncle Al's holding on to his own glimmer of hope:

"I predict he's going down this year", Jourgensen said. "Impeachment... this year. Resignation and shame. I don't think it'll be through Congress which is too spineless, I really think it will be a resignation on his part."

Check out Al's complete point of view right here:

However, there is now a new, bright ray of light that has cropped up in the past several days. It has become apparent to Jourgensen that whatever happens to Trump, the kids from Parkland, FL's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High are paving the way to putting America back on a course of sanity and true democracy.

"Voters do count and what these young students have done is to stimulate the survival mode of our spinless politicians at hyper speed with the one thing they understand - money," said Jourgensen.

"The money that they accept quid pro quo for their silence and inaction when it comes to gun control, that same money that will dry up from party donors' bottom line losses that will now occur with the klieg lights fully on their corporate shareholders. I fully support the tactics taken by these kids because THEY are the ones who will REALLY make America great again."

Sometime Ministry accomplice Burton C Bell of Fear Factory guests as a nightmarish clown in the band‘s video for new track 'Wargasm', which can be seen here:


Ministry will be hitting the UK and Ireland for a run of tour dates in July, which will take the group play across seven different cities from Rock City, Nottingham on 17th July to Northern Ireland and Ireland, culminating at SWX, Bristol on 25th July.

Dark and atmospheric singer-songwriter Chelsea Wolfe will be joining Ministry on the road as special guests. Chelsea Wolfe is already lined-up to play with Ministry throughout the USA and Canada this March and April.

Tickets are on sale right here and the tour dates are as follows:

17th July: Nottingham, Rock City
18th July: Glasgow, O2 ABC
20th July: Manchester, Albert Hall
21st July: London, The Forum
23rd July: Belfast, Limelight
24th July: Dublin, Tivoli
25th July: Bristol, SWX
+ special guest Chelsea Wolfe
If you've missed any of the new Ministry videos or footage of Al Jourgensen in the run up to the release of their hard-hitting and highly anticipated new album 'AmeriKKKant'– you can catch them right here:

'AmeriKKKant' tracklist:
1. I Know Words
2. Twilight Zone
3. Victims Of A Clown
4. TV5/4Chan
5. We're Tired Of It
6. Wargasm
7. Antifa
8. Game Over
9. AmeriKKKa


'AmeriKKKant' was produced by Al Jourgensen - recorded at Caribou Studios in Burbank, CA between January and May 2017 and with striking artwork created by Mister Sam Shearon. The psychedelic, politically influenced and very much in-your-face tracks are rooted in Jourgensen's unadulterated anger for what's happening in America today - the waning respect for the US Constitution, the growing acceptance of one's opinions replacing facts, the decline of our leaders' sense of morals, ethics and personal responsibility to the country and to their constituents, and that mad man in the White House.

Al Jourgensen has returned with a no-punches pulled statement. Society and politics have taken a turn for the insane and frightening in the United States and across the globe, leaving much inspiration and frustration for Ministry to draw from – and Al is pissed off. He recalls his shock whilst witnessing everything around him during the recent US election process, waking on the morning of November 9th 2016 proclaiming:

"We are making a fuckin' album - right now."

Initially coming into existence in 1981, Ministry was to be a lifetime passion project for Al but the true outlook of Ministry as well as Jourgensen's other projects is far more fluid than just one specific genre. With 'AmeriKKKant' the band is prepared to release a record that is socially relevant and sonically effective, Jourgensen states:

"I've spoken my piece on the societal conditions that would elect such a blithering idiot. It's not an anti-Trump album, it's like a 'did you pay attention in School? Does anybody have any intellectual curiosity anymore?' album. [It's] basically just holding up a mirror to ourselves and saying: 'Look at this, is this what you really want to be?'"

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